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The 10 Keys to Success

This tip sheet has winning strategies to help you succeed in this significant market.

By Dr. Sharon G. Hadary

1. Reflect the market by having women in leadership positions and within your company’s culture.

2. Build relationships with women business owners through support of women business owner issues and programs.

3. Demonstrate you understand the market through your presentations, the way you move through the sales process and the support your company provides after the sale.

4. Bring facts and answer questions. Women want to know the facts and to have their questions taken seriously.

5. Be prepared for a longer sales cycle. It is worth the time, however, because women business owners are loyal, long-term customers.

6. Use referrals and endorsements. Women business owners are more likely than men entrepreneurs to ask for advice from outside experts and fellow business owners.

7. Combine high tech with high touch. Use the Internet to provide information while providing easy ways to contact a company representative in person.

8. Cross sell business and personal products and services. Women business owners are very likely to use the same service providers for business and personal needs.

9. Deliver on the promise throughout the whole transaction chain, including after-sale service, training, delivery and billing.

10. Purchase from and partner with women business owners. If you want women business owners to buy from your company, your company should buy from them.

For more information on marketing and selling to women, read A Ready-Made Market: Women Business Owners.

©2001 Center for Women’s Business Research. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Dr. Sharon G. Hadary is the executive director of Center for Women’s Business Research. She can be reached at 202-638-3060 or through the center’s website,


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