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Maximize the Return on Your Website Investment

Learn low-cost, practical ideas to market your company website.

By Lisbet Gutierrez

Launch your website with some pizzazz. Just like you would do if you moved into a new office, send a “Website Premier” launch announcement to every customer and prospect. Some advisors send a postcard with a picture of their website, others a letter or an email message. Whatever method you choose, don’t miss this opportunity to promote your website and get your name and your marketing message in front of the people who need to hear it most.

Spice up client meetings. Many advisors are using new features on their websites to conduct online meetings, securely exchange important documents or collaboratively review client portfolios. Consider inviting clients to your office for coffee or an informal lunch while providing them with an update on their individual accounts as well as a sneak peek at some of your cool new web features.

Promote, promote, promote and then promote some more. Put your website address on everything, and that means everything. Your letterhead, business cards, envelopes, mailing labels, print advertising, your office answering machine, and even the marquee in the foyer of your office building. One new client will more than pay for the small cost of this effort.

Don’t forget your local community activities. Advisors often dedicate a portion of their time to support local organizations. Here are some examples: local youth sports teams; high school events like plays, academic competitions, award assemblies and talent shows; parades, festivals, theater productions or other fundraisers. Highlight your special interest group on your website and request that your Web address be included on their home page. Setting up these reciprocal links takes only a few moments.

Speaking of reciprocal links, consider a little business networking. Do you work with any local attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents or people who work for business firms? Ask them to include your firm profile and web address on their website and then return the favor by including their information on yours. Again, these links take only a few moments to complete.

Be creative. There are things you can do outside the business arena to promote your site, Here’s a great example: The grade-school girls soccer game was under way and Ted, an advisor from Lexington, Mass., was on the sidelines cheering for the team, along with parents of each team member. Ted used his digital camera to take pictures during the game and set up a group photo after the team had won. He then handed out his business card to all the parents on the sideline and invited them to visit his website the next day to view the pictures of their children during the game. The fee Ted earned from the parent who became his new client paid for his next vacation.

Lisbet Gutierrez is author of “GetHits,” a monthly marketing tips newsletter provided exclusively to LiveOffice customers. You can contact her at or 800-251-3863, ext. 129.


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