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The Business and Financial Pages

Here are several sites we recommend for business and financial news.

By David Connell

For the informed investor: offers news, commentary and pure financial data—but without a fee. The site emphasizes the numbers, with a customizable “chart builder,” “fund center” and calculators.

Best email newsletters:
Why visit the web, when the web can come to you? CNN and Money magazine offer comprehensive push emails ranging in topics from individual stock analysis, to commentary on the business of technology, entertainment and sports. They also offer big names, like CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and Money guru Michael Sivy. There’s even something here for clients in the “Everyday Money” column.

The business and financial site that isn’t a business and financial site:’s business section, with stories on the remake of TIAA-CREF, the Bush administration tax cuts and the various accounting scandals, is both insightful and original. You’ll find perspectives here—such as why the obscure Baltic Dry Index is a great economic indicator—that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else. Don’t miss the “MoneyBox” column or Henry Blodget’s coverage of the Martha Stewart trial.

Best site you may not know about:
This site, from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, is low on flash, but high on insight. The biweekly publication includes articles and research papers from the university’s professors and other top-notch contributors. The “Insurance and Pension” section covers everything from Baby-Boomer retirement to “Actuarial Versus Financial Pricing of Insurance.” Articles are long, so you might want to fire up your printer when visiting this site.

The business and financial news site that’s really a business and financial news radio show:
For me, Public Radio International’s “Marketplace” is the best business and finance program around—and that includes those on cable TV. The show’s companion website has audio archives of “Marketplace,” its morning report and midday report. Web-exclusive content includes complete Q&A’s with the likes of Nobel-Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz. “Marketplace” takes a holistic approach to the business world, so you’ll hear everything from the effects of layoffs on working mothers to profiles of the Russian oligarchs.


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