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The Silver Bullet

Somewhere out there is the answer to every objection ... right?

By Ed Ramsell

Somewhere out there is the killer close, the absolute best close ever. The Silver Bullet! It knocks ’em down every time, like Professor Harold “Every Time A Bulls Eye” Hill. You know how the Silver Bullet works: Just say the secret words exactly the right way and people give you money. I know about the Silver Bullet and I am going to tell you the secret.

Prospect: I don’t want any insurance.

You: Wait! You haven’t heard my close yet!

Prospect: I’ve heard it all and I’m telling you, I don’t want any!

You: OK, you asked for it. Silver Bullet!!

Prospect: Ohh! I don’t know what’s come over me! It’s wonderful! I’ll take it. Can I have it? Please? Here’s money. Can I give you more money? I can get a loan!

Ask any insurance salesman. The Silver Bullet is no myth, no urban legend. It is as real as taxes, as powerful as a ZZZZZZ, as deadly as a Uzi. (Should that be a Uzi or an Uzi?) Whatever, it is the Holy Grail of every street weathered insurance guy. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, like Bill Gates calling you to come on over and sell him some serious life insurance.

If you know the secret of the Silver Bullet, you are set for life. Your manager is set for life. You will give speeches at GAMA and MDRT to wild acclamation. You will sell books telling the world how you do it. Oprah will call you. You will write your own ticket, even write for Advisor Today.

Want to know what the Silver Bullet is? Keep reading.

The Silver Bullet has one flaw; it only works one-on-one. You must fix your target eyeball-wise, and hit ’em between the ears. In person. You must sell everyone and there isn’t enough time to do it one at a time. You must reach more people! Everyone!

The answer is the Son of Silver Bullet (SOSB, rhymes with Cosby): the Magic Mailer!

All you need to make SOSB work for you is an up-to-the-minute mailing list selected for obscene income, Olympian health, and an undiagnosed and untreated compulsion to buy massive amounts of insurance. Any kind of insurance, as long as the premium is high enough.

Then unleash the Magic Mailer! The magic words and magic pictures printed on magic paper are irresistible. It includes a large magic return envelope all for the money they will send to you.

The Magic Mailer does not even state what kind of insurance you sell; it doesn’t need to. They buy everything! Just drop the MMs in the mail and book a flight to Hawaii.

Mailee: Hey, Margie. Look at this brochure I just got in the mail!

MM: Send Money. Send Money. Send Money.

Mailee: This is great! Feel this paper It’s so, so white!

Margie: Ooh! And the pictures, they’re so, so meaningful!

MM: Send Money. Send Money. Send Money.

Mailee: Let’s do it, Darling! Right now! Where’s the checkbook. I’ll tell mother too, and everyone!

MM: Place Postage Here. Place Postage Here.

I know about Magic Mailers. I’ve produced hundreds of them on request. Want to know the secret of the Magic Mailer? Keep reading.

The Perfect Policy with Perfect Provisions (P4) encompasses everything wonderful about insurance. It has the lowest cost, the highest commissions, the latest best features, the liberalest underwriting, and the fastest issue (EST5). The policy is issued when you knock on the front door and delivered by FedEx the instant the one-page app is signed. As a no-cost option, benefit checks can be delivered before claims are filed.

P4 Prospect: Can this policy?

You: You bet it can!

P4 Prospect: But can is also?

You: Of course!

P4 Prospect: I know you can’t beat?

You: Look at these numbers!

P4 Prospect: And I get all my money back!?

You: My company has authorized me to issue a check right now.

P4 Prospect: Wow! You guys are good!

You: Just call me?Mr. Wizard!

You probably never knew it, but the reason you can’t beat the competition is they all have the Perfect Policy. If your company actuaries weren’t stuck in the 19th century, you could sell insurance like butter at a popcorn convention.

There really is a company that sells the Perfect Policy, reputably domiciled in some sandy Southwestern state (S4). Nobody admits to it; they keep it to themselves for obvious and selfish reasons. If you don’t know the secret URL, contact them at:

I’ve never actually seen the Perfect Policy, but I’ve heard about it so often for so many years that it must be true. Want to know where to get the Perfect Policy? Keep reading.

It’s a matter of mind set. The Perfect Policy is the policy that, in light of all conditions surrounding those you serve, which you have made every conscientious effort to ascertain and understand, you would recommend to yourself in the same circumstances.

Just kidding. There is no Magic Mailer. Two experienced sales people trying to design the single absolutely best Magic Mailer will get you four contradictory MMs. Three will get you 9 MMs. Four reps will produce 16 MMs, or probably 64. The simple secret of the Magic Mailer? Don’t mail it. Deliver it. In person.

The secret of the killer close? It isn’t what you say, it’s how many times you say it. (Thanks to Dave Baumann.) To find your personal Silver Bullet, try as many as possible. In person.

A 24-year veteran of the insurance business, Ed Ramsell trains new reps for Wellmark in Des Moines, Iowa. He can be contacted by e-mail at


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