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Reworking the Worksite

Think the worksite only exists in office parks and industrial complexes? Think again.

By Michelle Katz

Although Tena Burell, an agent with Principal Financial Services in Grapvine, Texas, never intended to market to home-based business people, she has profited greatly from the practice. When she moved to Grapevine due to her husband’s job relocation, she quickly got involved with the local chamber of commerce chapters to meet people, network and get her name out.

Burrell noticed that many of the chambers were segmenting their membership to provide more benefits for home-based business owners. She offered to do a presentation to these members and realized that an enormous number of these people needed a financial planner. She did the same at the local small-business assistance center, and soon her business exploded.

“I didn’t go with a goal of marketing to them, but it was a chain reaction. More and more clients with home-based businesses rolled in with insurance and financial needs,” Burrell says. She provided estate planning, disability, health and life insurance. She also presented options for 401(k) rollovers and individual retirement accounts.

Burrell tries to take a holistic approach to her clients’ needs. “A home business is different from an out-of-the-home business and needs to be treated as such,” she says.

She is often amazed when people think home-based businesses cannot be profitable when she sees the amount of money some of these businesses bring in annually.

Burrell is convinced that if an agent visits his local chamber of commerce or small-business assistance center and offers free financial advice and programs for members, that agent will be the one the business owner will think of when he needs such services. “The local chamber endorsement can make a huge difference. Once an agent attends a chamber lunch, he or she will find out just how many home businesses are out there,” she says.

These tips were taken from the article "Five Hot Sales Tracks" by Michelle Katz, which originally appeared in the April 1999 issue of Life Association News.


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