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Selling LTCI to the Right People

Use these questions when approaching clients about providing LTCI to their parents.

By Janet Arrowood

Do you think it’s difficult to sell LTCI? Maybe you’re approaching the wrong person.

Think about the person who will provide the care if Medicaid doesn’t, and there isn’t enough money for their loved one to go into a suitable care facility or to pay for home care. In many states, adult children are required to help their parents financially if they have the means to do so. This often means it is the adult female children who will end up providing an exhausting level of care. As a result, these are the people you might want to approach.

When you approach them, ask a few simple questions:

Do you think Medicare pays for your aging parents’ long-term care needs? (Answer: Only if it’s medically necessary care, and then only after a three-night hospital stay—not just three days.)

Do your parents want to be separated and assigned a roommate in order to have Medicaid pay for nursing home care—assuming they even qualify financially?

Are you financially or physically able to care for your aging parents?

These are three issues many prospects have not thought about and making them aware can go a long way toward making the sale.

Janet Arrowood is the managing director of The Write Source, Inc. Contact her at



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