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Office-Directory Prospecting

Your clients’ neighbors need your services, too.

By William David Barnes

If you are visiting or having an interview in an office building, stop for a few minutes and note the name of the businesses near your client or prospect.

During the conversation with your client, just ask him in passing if he knows any of his office neighbors. If he says yes, ask him: “What can you tell me about him?” Another approach might be: “I notice that John Prospect works in this building. Have you met him?”

As your client talks, take the information down and ask about another. The number of people you can ask about will depend on how good a memory you have for names and numbers.

Office-directory prospecting is one of the easiest ways I know to meet new people who can use our services. It is a case of using other people’s eyes and ears.

William David Barnes of Barnes and Co. Inc., in Tampa, Fla., can be reached at 813-968-6181 or at


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