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Relationship Management Tools

Use this cover letter and questionnaire with your clients, peers and employees to get a comprehensive view of your practice.

By Patrick McGuigan, CLU, CHFC, CPCU, FLMI

(This is a sample letter and questionnaire your consultant can send to your clients to identify what they think of your service and level of professionalism. The consultant can replace YOUR NAME with your real name and HE/SHE with the appropriate pronoun and send the questionnaire to your clients.

For more information on using these tools, or creating your own, to improve your practice, read Improving Relationship Management.” )

Microsoft Word version of the cover letter and questionnaire

PDF version of the questionnaire

An Invited Participant
123 Main Street
Any Town
United States 99999

Dear Invited Participant:

Your feedback is urgently needed. As an independent advisor, YOUR NAME does not benefit from regular evaluations. You are invited to complete the attached evaluation on behalf of YOUR NAME. This process is anonymous and confidential, but critically important to the ability of YOUR NAME to provide you with the best service possible.

YOUR NAME has voluntarily initiated a 360-degree review so that customers, employees, peers, vendors and other important stakeholders can evaluate HIS/HER performance. This is being paid for by YOUR NAME because HE/SHE is committed to a process of continuous improvement. YOUR NAME wants to get better so that HE/SHE can serve you better.

Your thoughts and comments are important and valuable. Please take a moment to complete both sides of the enclosed evaluation and use the pre-paid envelope to return your completed evaluation to me.

Thank you for taking part of your valuable time to complete this process.





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