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Living the Dream

The financial services industry still offers countless opportunities for success.


For Amy Scott, LTCP, her biggest measure of success isn’t her MDRT performance as a producer during her early days in the business. Nor is it her quick ascension through the managing ranks of New York Life to become managing partner. It isn’t even that her office posted its most successful year last year.

Nope. Scott’s biggest measure of success is the relationship she has with her family. She and her husband, Rob, have two young boys and a newborn daughter. “It takes dedicated time management and a lot of colors on the calendar,” says Scott, 35, who just returned to work after her daughter’s birth. “I am so fortunate and blessed to have such a supportive spouse.”

But Scott is quick to count her office staff and industry colleagues among her blessings as well. The Mississippi native had quite an adjustment to make when she left her home state for Ohio three years ago. “A managing partner position came open in Ohio,” says Scott, who lives and works in the suburbs around Columbus. “There are only about 120 of these positions around the nation, so when one comes open, you go where the position is. And of course, we went, because I love what I do.”

Now Scott recruits agents and managers for a wide area that includes Dayton and Columbus. With about 70 agents and a handful of managers, she stays busy. “We spend a lot of time developing our agents in the first three years, cultivating best practices,” she says. “But we also have people who have been with us 20 to 30 years, and we learn from them.”

The hardest thing about the move, she says, was adjusting to the climate. She credits NAIFA with helping ease the transition—she didn’t even have to go find her local organization. “They reached out to me,” says Scott, who is currently professional development chair at NAIFA-Columbus. “They greeted me with open arms and helped me feel welcome. We have a great organization, one of the best in the country, I think.”


Her secrets to success
Scott prefers to lead by example and is eager to share her knowledge with agents and managers. Her keys to success are referrals and education. “If you serve others well, it will come back to you tenfold. This is a powerful way of getting new clients. If you do a good job with one client, he will refer you to others,” she says.

The other half of the equation—the creative and fun half, according to Scott—involves getting people to think about financial planning issues in a relaxed environment. “Often we will go to a place of business or a civic club and bring in a lunch,” she says. “People often think they know everything there is to know until they find out the laws have changed. Once people see that you are not trying to sell them anything without knowing their situation and concerns, they are more comfortable.”

Scott truly loves her career, and it shows. She’s not overly concerned about the destination, either; she loves the ride. “Right now, I want to continue as a managing partner. There are other opportunities here at New York Life, but right now I am enjoying the experience of raising my family and the challenges of this dynamic position,” says Scott. “The thing I love about this industry is that this is still the American dream. You can do as well as you want to do, and work as hard as you want. Whether it’s retirement planning, long-term care protection, or life insurance, whether you’re hiring people or developing people or working directly with clients, you’re helping people. I’ve seen people make their dreams come true.”


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