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Ace Your Presentation

Learning when to lean back may be the ticket to closing the deal.

By Alan J. Parisse

When a high-toned, energetic communication with a client is not working, try leaning back.

For most successful advisors, leaning back is counter-intuitive. After all, in large part, their success came from their ability to push through, their energy, their drive, etc. As valuable as these attributes are, there are times when the opposite—the ability to lean back, get “lighter” and let the client come to you—is just as important.

Leaning back is not about taking it easy or succumbing to failure. It is not kicking back. It is about giving the client a chance to come to you. This is a fully intentional shift from pushing through to the client to enticing him to come your way.

This skill is especially important when times are tough and clients are scared. Pushing rarely works; yet, that is what most financial advisors instinctively do because they don’t know any other way.

Leaning back starts with your attitude and extends to your body posture and words. Needy people lean forward, talk more loudly and push. Confident people lean back, talk more softly and draw others in.

The next time your client presentation is not working, don’t lean forward and get louder. Force yourself to lean back and talk more softly. Do it with confidence and a firm intention to succeed.

This is an excerpt from the hot-selling book, Advisor Today's Sizzling Sales Ideas. To order your copy, go the NAIFA website.

Alan J. Parisse, of the Parisse Group Inc., can be contacted at 1630 30th St.—PMB# 310, Boulder, CO 80301, or 303-444-8080.


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