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Tap Into Your Prospect’s Personality

Good questions can help you figure out how to work with different types of people.

By Danny Moore

If you’re going to sell what the prospect wants to buy, you have to see the world through the prospect and find out what makes him tick rather than what you think he ought to have. I’m a big believer in social styles. I break everyone down into four categories: expressive, amiable, analytical, and driver. I try to figure out which style they fit by starting the interview with an oddball question such as, “What would you want to give your family if this were your last day on earth?”

Amiables will talk ad nauseam, analyticals will go home and type out your answers for you, but expressives and drivers are harder to crack. Expressive want to be praised for their actions while drivers won’t give you the time of day unless there’s value in the exercise for them.

You don’t need to change to the different personalities when marketing to these folks; it’s just easier to work with them after you’ve pinpointed their social style.

Danny Moore, CSA, is with Moore Financial Management in Overland Park, Kan. He specializes in annuities, life insurance and personal lines for small-business owners. You may reach him at 913-681-1270.

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