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I Love Referrals

You can be enthusiastic about asking for referrals without becoming pushy or obnoxious.

By Bill Cates

Diana Borroel, a top producer with New York Life, is known as “The Lady Who Loves Referrals.” Borroel has achieved Top Producer status with two simple strategies: She makes sure she does a great job for her clients, so she’s referable quickly, and she constantly reminds her clients that she likes referrals.

Her business cards have the words “I love referrals” printed on them. Her notes to clients always end with “I love referrals.” And she always tells people: “I love referrals.”

She also uses an audio business card that’s called “Referring to You.” And she’s comfortable bringing up referrals and does it all the time.

Borroel’s results have been nothing short of fantastic. Her style may or may not suit every advisor, but it doesn’t matter. Just find a way to bring up referrals early and often without becoming pushy or obnoxious.

Bill Cates of Referral Coach International can be reached at 301-949-6789 or at


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