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LIAM Marketing Tools

Are you ready for Life Insurance Awareness Month in September?

By Lisa Singh

September has always been a key selling season for agents and advisors. By then, summer vacation has come and gone, and many Americans have returned to face life’s daily tasks: sending the kids back to school, returning to work, figuring out ways to stretch their dollar further. Agents and advisors, for their part, push harder to meet their end-of-year sales goals. So, it’s no wonder that dozens of insurance companies teamed up with LIFE three years ago to hold Life Insurance Awareness Month in September. This industry-led public awareness campaign reminds all Americans of their need for proper life insurance coverage.

With two months to go until LIAM comes around again, more than 100 of the nation’s top insurance companies and industry groups have come together to promote the event with tens of millions of dollars. The campaign has also tapped celebrity spokesperson Scott Hamilton to tell his personal life insurance story. But you know that the real success of this campaign lies with the individual agent and advisor and the work you do day in and day out. That’s why LIFE has created two eye-catching marketing tools that will help you promote LIAM and rev up your life insurance sales.

The symbol of a cause
You’ve probably seen celebrities from Lance Armstrong to Bono wear gel bracelets to champion causes such as cancer research and an end to global poverty. You can now promote your own cause with a blue and orange gel bracelet. It’s imprinted with the slogan, “LIFE happens.”

“The new LIAM bracelet gives agents the ability to show their support for the September campaign. It’s also a great giveaway to clients,” says Jon Dressner, LIFE’s vice president. “The ‘LIFE Happens’ slogan on the bracelet is a not-so-subtle reminder that no one knows what the future holds, so it pays to take proper precautions like buying life insurance to safeguard your family’s finances.”

Promoting life insurance with a bracelet was NAIFA member Lorie A. Smith’s idea. It came to her the day she spoke with her 17-year-old daughter and saw the collection of gel bracelets on her wrist. At first, Smith thought of just making the bracelets available to her local NAIFA association in Missouri, but quickly realized that it would be far more effective, and in keeping with the collective spirit of LIAM, to have a bracelet speak for the whole association.

David F. Woods, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, NAIFA CEO and LIFE president, agreed, and when the idea was introduced at the National Leadership Conference this past spring, Smith’s idea generated a strong response from local NAIFA associations nationwide. Smith recommends distributing the bracelet at local association meetings. You can also include it in mailings to clients. Just imagine the impact that this simple, yet popular means of communicating an important message will have on your life insurance sales.

… and a poster
LIFE has also created a poster to promote LIAM. Beneath the image of a silhouetted cloud, a large headline reads, “Imagine this. You’re DEAD. What do you do now?” The accompanying text urges the reader to think about the loved ones he would leave behind if something were to happen to him. “Don’t take any chances with your family’s financial future,” the poster reads. “Have your life insurance needs reviewed today.”

Hang this poster in your office’s reception area in August and September. The feedback you get from clients and prospects will open the door to a conversation about life insurance.

Bracelets cost 50 cents each, the poster, $5. For more information, be sure to visit LIFE’s catalog at or call 888-LIFE-777 for a hard-copy catalog.

To see how agents and advisors have effectively promoted LIAM, read the article “Sales Tips for Success: Life Insurance Awareness Month.”


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