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Un-Furl the Power of the Web

This free web tool lets you easily save and share information from the internet.

By Kip Gregory

The truth is a lot of technology belongs in the “nice to have” category. Some of it, however, is essential—even though you may not know it yet. Furl belongs in the essential category because it will change the way you use the internet as an intelligence-gathering resource. Simply put, Furl is a fast and easy way to store and access valuable web content in your very own digital “filing cabinet.”

Here’s how it works: Suppose you’re browsing Advisor Today’s website at home one evening. You find an article with good, practical content that you want to pass on to members of your team (or just hang onto for yourself). How would you normally share that information? Chances are good that you would either email a page link to the page to everyone in your group, or print out the page to copy and distribute the next day, right?

Well, imagine this: What if—with the click of a mouse—you could save an exact copy of that page to a password-protected storage area? What if you could put it in a folder of your choosing (so you could find it easily), along with notes and comments (so you could remember why you saved it in the first place)?

Let’s take it a few steps further: What if you could score the usefulness of that material on a scale of one to five, or could search through everything you’ve saved to display only those pages that contained a keyword or phrase, such as “seminar selling” or “time management tips”? Suppose you could even clip content directly from a page to include it in an email cover note to send to others?

Finally, imagine being able to access that “filing cabinet” whenever and wherever you wanted—at work, at home, while traveling—anywhere you could connect to the internet. And not just you, but others you work with could access that information or any other research they’d found on clients, prospects, companies or competitors you target.

Sound like a pipe dream? All that—and more—is what Furl can do for you. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?

Maybe you’ve heard of tools like Furl; they’re called social bookmarking resources—tech jargon for sites that let you save and share what you find online. Similar websites include, Spurl and Yahoo!’s MyWeb.

I’ve tested them, and Furl beats the competition hands down. It’s an incredibly powerful tool for harnessing information you uncover online that you want to save, bookmark and share. I use it every day.

But wait, there’s more
Here’s a final tip that you can use to take full advantage of this great tool: Install the Furl toolbar, an add-in for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which you can download from Furl’s website. It puts Furl’s best features in an easily accessible dashboard within your browser window.

If you believe that success today depends on using information to create competitive advantages, Furl offers a great way to harness the power of the web.

Kip Gregory, principal of The Gregory Group and author of Winning Clients in a Wired World, is a consultant, trainer and speaker on marketing, sales and technology issues for the financial-services industry. Contact him at 202-364-6913 or at

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