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Business Etiquette 101—Part 1

Are you putting your best foot forward, or are you getting a reputation that will kill your business relationships? Take this quiz to find out how you measure up.

By Kathleen Pagana

Have you ever wished you knew more about business etiquette at holiday dinners, interview luncheons and award banquets? Knowing some essential tips can help you benefit from these opportunities without worrying about eating from the wrong salad bowl or not properly introducing your guest to your boss—or worse blunders.

Test your knowledge of business etiquette with the short quiz below, then click at the bottom of the page to get your answers.

  1. True or False? A business meal is a time to relax and “let loose.”

  2. Whose name do you say first when introducing your spouse to your boss—your spouse’s name, or your boss’s name?

  3. True or False? Clothing is never neutral. It either adds or detracts from a professional image.

  4. True or False? A man should wait for a woman in business to extend her hand for a handshake.

  5. True or False? A drink should be held in the right hand at a cocktail party.

  6. Where would you find your salad plate? To the right or the left of the entrée plate?

  7. Is it appropriate to tell an associate that she has spinach in her teeth?

  8. True or False? If you need to excuse yourself during a meal, you place your napkin to the left of your place setting.

  9. True or False? Barbecue ribs are a good meal option at a company banquet.

  10. True or False? Pushing back your plate signals you are finished eating.

Click here for the answers …



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