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The $2 Edge

MDRT member Marc Silverman offers an idea that’ll pay off with your DI insurance prospects.

By Lisa Singh

Marc Silverman, CLU, ChFC, CFP, a past MDRT Top of the Table chair, understood early on that most preapproach letters end up in the trash. So, he looked for ways to make such letters—in this case, letters to attorneys who might be good disability income insurance prospects—stand out.

First, Silverman went to the bank each week, bought 100 crisp $2 bills and enclosed them in every letter. (As for names, he got them from the county bar association.) The letter said, “Enclosed is a tax-free $2 bill … I work with attorneys in the area, and would like to talk with you about how to potentially put more tax-free dollars in your pocket.” Why a $2 bill? “Because it’s unique and different,” says Silverman. If you pitch an idea in a creative way, your prospect is more likely to listen up and meet with you.


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