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Reaching LTCI Prospects

Few prospects are too young for long-term care insurance, says one LTCI specialist. Here’s how to reach them.

By William Free, CLU, ChFC, MSFS

William Free, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, a member of NAIFA-Northern Virginia, has found long-term care prospects among the grown children of his rated life insurance policyholders. Free knows these children, 18 years or older, may inherit their parents’ medical conditions because of genes or shared lifestyle. He asks the parents, “Have you done anything to make sure your children’s own long-term care needs will be covered?” One of his clients, for example, has multiple sclerosis and is ineligible for long-term care insurance. She’s concerned that her two sons, one 18, the other 16, may inherit multiple sclerosis and be locked out of LTCI, too. Free has just submitted the older son’s LTCI application, and will do the same for the younger brother when he turns 18.


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