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Time-Saving Tools

Check out these three gadgets, which just may free up a bit of your day.

By Maggie Leyes

If time is really money, then how about the converse? Money is time? Perhaps. Let me explain. Often, if you throw money at a problem (with careful aim), you can solve it. Will that work with the issue of never having enough time? Advisor Today was on the lookout for some technology purchases that may help you gain a bit more time.

Very double-O-seven
Want to scan a full page of text and images, in color, in just a few seconds—anytime, anywhere? Then the 2-ounce Planon DocuPen RC800 is your tool. Despite its compact size, it can store up to 100 pages in its memory. That means you can scan contracts, photos, magazine pages, picture IDs, receipts and anything else you can dream up on the go—no need to shuttle papers back to the office. You also don’t have to worry about recharging the batteries or—gasp—dealing with another outlet-cluttering charger. Its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries regain lost juice when you plug it into your computer (via a USB cable) to download your scanned documents. The software that comes with the scanner manages your documents and connects to programs such as Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook Express; WinFax; Notepad; and Adobe Photoshop.


The previous scanner is great if convenience is your No. 1 priority. However, if being able to easily search and locate scanned documents is top on your list, you should look into the Fujitsu ScanSnap S500. It makes short work of scanning documents. It scans both sides at once, in color (or black and white, if you prefer), and can crank out up to 18 pages a minute on “normal” mode (150 dpi) and six pages on “best” mode (300 dpi). But its true shining feature: It automatically converts the scanned data into a highly searchable PDF document. The scanner comes with the full version of Adobe Acrobat (vs. the free, scaled-back version that most people download off the internet)—a $299 value. In addition, it can scan documents directly to applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

And, you don’t even have to behave when you are feeding it. You can throw in a mixed batch of documents—from business cards to legal-sized forms—and it will detect the size all on its own. It also has the ability to “de-skew” those documents, centering and adjusting them for you. Also a plus in our ever-crowded offices—it takes up the same amount of horizontal desk space as a piece of paper.


Location, location, location
How much time do you spend hunting for your keys—or your cell phone, or your wallet, or your purse, or your … Imagine never having to do that again. The new Loc8tor makes it possible. Just attach a Loc8tor “tag,” which is the size of a paper clip, to your way-ward items, and the handset will keep tabs on them for you.
Those missing keys? If they are within a 600-foot range, the handset will pick up the tag’s radio frequency and, using a series of beeps and on-screen directional cues, will guide you to it. Each Loc8tor comes with two tags, but the device can keep track of 24—you just need to buy more tags.

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