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Another Idea From the Top

You scored that all-important meeting with a prospect. A NAIFA trustee weighs in on how to start building trust at the beginning.

By Lisa Singh

Whether you’re meeting a prospect thanks to a cold call or a referral, the challenge is still the same: putting him at ease. Glen Malcolm, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, RHU, an agent with Monumental Life in Miami, and NAIFA trustee, opens the conversation by saying, “I’m not here just to sell a product—I’m here to build a relationship.” He continues, “If you do not make a decision today, I’ll walk out the same way I came in, smiling and always greeting you.”

Words like that let the prospect know that you’re most concerned with his well-being, not the sale, says Malcolm. He also mentions his membership in NAIFA. “A customer, upfront, wants to know that you belong to an organization that’s reputable,” he says. He brings up that membership by saying, “I’m not just a sales guy; I believe in my integrity, my character, my reputation, and one of the places I uphold high standards is [by] belonging to NAIFA.” He briefly tells the prospect what the association stands for—advocacy for agents and customers alike. Finally, Malcolm ends his words of introduction by impressing upon the prospect that he’ll be there every step of the way. “I’ll be there when you need service, when you have a claims question,” he says. “I’ll be there when you want a suggestion or to have a conversation—just give me a call.”


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