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Free Fix for Your Computer Glitches

Email your problem, and these technicians will email you the solution.

By Preeti Vasishtha

Need to solve a hardware glitch or have a question about how to use HTML? This online community comes to your rescue—at no cost—when you have those annoying computer problems. Simply email your questions to, and the technicians, who are voluntary experts, will email you their answers.

Nothing in life comes free, so why is this service free? According to the website, “For a long time, computer hardware and software manufacturers have provided mediocre support for their own products and charged good money for it. We here at are tired of this sort of treatment. We are committed to providing the very high-quality support that major companies should but fail to provide to their customers. We are free because we enjoy helping people. It is as simple as that.”

Although you can ask any types of computer-related questions, from software installation to explanation of computing terms, the technicians do not answer questions about illegal activities, such as hacking. They also do not write entire programs but can help you work out programming concepts or offer suggestions for perfecting a program you’ve already written. Simply start by creating an account at


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