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Create Million-Dollar Goals For Yourself

You can become a top producer by defining your vision and knowing why you want what you want.

By Suzanne Muusers

Why are some advisors more successful than others? Are they just lucky? What do they do that sets them apart from everyone else?

If we look closely, we’ll find that many top-producing advisors have a vision of what they want to achieve, a deep sense of motivation and million-dollar goals to help them reach their destination.

Dream big
An advisor came to me with just one goal: “I want to grow my business.” It’s quite common for advisors to say they want more without knowing what exactly they want. To become a top producer, you must create a vision of yourself when you will “have it all.” Think of it this way: When you reach the pinnacle of your career, how will you live your life? This is your life’s big vision.

To help you create this vision, answer the following questions:

  • What level of income do you want in five years?
  • Where will you live?
  • How many clients will you have?
  • How many people will you need on your team?
  • What will your schedule look like?

If you can create a mental image of your “perfect” life, you can then take steps to create such a life. Here’s a sample vision for an advisor who knows what he wants: a seven-figure income with no more than 50 clients; a three-person office in the city; a lake house with plenty of room for the kids to play; a Monday-through-Thursday work week with most Fridays off; and more than 130 days off per year.

Get inspiration
It’s no secret that top producers have a positive attitude. They have the ability to be persistent and don’t let fear or rejection stop them. They have doors slammed in their faces more times than they can count, but they don’t take it personally. They draw on their life vision and remember what they are building. They focus on high payoff tasks and don’t waste time.

Our sample advisor from above plans his schedule daily. He designs his days to be effective, doing the most difficult tasks first. He has “priority days” when he gets things done; “go days” when he’s out in the field meeting with clients and prospects; and “easy days” as his flexible days.

Growing your business is not a goal. A goal is measurable and timely.

Create million-dollar goals
Many advisors come to me seeking million-dollar incomes, but they have no idea how to get there. Growing your business is not a goal. A goal is measurable and timely. The trick to generating million-dollar goals is to create your “Big Goal” first. Your Big Goal is the income or assets under management you want five to 10 years in the future. Then, work backward from there to create smaller goals that will get you where you want to go.

What types of goals should advisors have? Here’s a sampling:

  • Number of new clients you want to attract broken down by month
  • New assets under management or monthly production
  • Revenue you want to achieve broken down by month
  • New products/services/marketing you want to implement in the next year
  • Daily calls to existing clients and prospects
  • Client appointments per week
  • Number of prospects you want in your pipeline
  • Personal goals such as: staying healthy, taking vacations and having time for family and fun

Plan for success
Top-producing advisors have more than luck on their side. They have a big vision of how they want to live their lives, they know why they want more and they have fully defined goals. Get started today on the road to being a top producer by creating your million-dollar goals.

Suzanne Muusers is an ICF-credentialed marketing coach who has been coaching advisors on their marketing plans since 2004. Visit to take her Financial Advisor Marketing E-Course, or call her at 480-922-1723.


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