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The 4 Cs of Excellent Service

Client-focused recommendations, consistent follow-through, clear communications and continual plan review will help you grow your business.

By Michael Roby

Most advisors say they provide good service. But if you ask administrative and service teams what good service is, their answers often differ from advisors’. Every client deserves excellent service. The question is: What constitutes excellent service?

Excellent service delivers client-focused recommendations, consistent follow-through, clear communications and continual plan review.

Client-focused recommendations
When you focus on your client’s needs first, your needs are met as well. You base your recommendations upon the client’s dreams, goals and objectives. When you truly act as a trusted advisor, people see your sincerity. You earn their trust and confidence by acting in their best interest, and this attitude carries through to the service you deliver.

Consistent follow-through
Too many salespeople disappear after the sale is made. Advisors who keep promises and deliver excellent service earn repeat business and referrals. By making promises and consistently keeping those promises, your clients reward you with business that grows exponentially over time.

Clear communications
Have you ever had a client who expected more than what was necessary? The fault for this lies in a poorly communicated service proposition. According to Louis Harvey, president of Dalbar, a financial-services market research firm, “The No. 1 reason an investor will leave a broker is that the client’s expectations were not met and/or communicated clearly.” Stay in touch with your clients and be clear in all communications.

Continual plan review
What works today may not work tomorrow. The world continually changes and clients’ personal situations change. By offering a periodic review, you provide excellent service, and earn repeat and referral business. Every time you keep your promises, you have an additional opportunity to remind your clients about how they can reward good service with referrals.

Take a look at this example of a service proposition that uses all the 4 Cs:

“Mr./Ms. Client, all of our clients receive excellent service. Let me tell you what you can expect and will receive from me and my team in the way of service:

  • Plans and programs always based upon your goals and designed to meet your needs

  • Prompt and accurate execution of all applications, trades and service requests

  • Prompt return of all phone and written correspondence

  • Periodic review of your plan in light of changes in your circumstances”

Once you develop your service standards, communicate them to your team, expect them to learn them and deliver on the promises. Setting and keeping high standards ensure that your clients will reward you with the repeat business and referrals you have so faithfully earned.

Michael Roby is a sales and marketing strategist, professional speaker and author with more than 30 years’ experience in the financial-services industry. His website is

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