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Think Big

These results-oriented activities will help your business skyrocket.

By Suzanne Muusers

Do you need to get out of your own way in order to grow your practice? When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone with your marketing?

For the most part, advisors are far too accustomed to their way of marketing, which can be a barrier to success. True financial success comes from a marketing plan that forces you to do things you’re not accustomed to doing. In short, an effective marketing plan should be a little scary. After all, if you continue doing the marketing you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get the same results you’ve always had.

The following three strategies are some of the best ones advisors can use to build their business. All three require real effort. Even if you implement just one tactic, you can significantly grow your practice.

Which activity can give you visibility and an opportunity to meet movers and shakers in your community? Where can you make a difference? There are several opportunities for you in your community. One of my clients volunteered to be the chairperson of his son’s school fundraiser. This allowed him access to a cadre of prospects and leverage many relationships that he developed.

The key to this strategy is your willingness to make a difference and your involvement. You may need to invest significant time, but it can pay off in new business and referrals for many years. Find out which organization you feel passionate about and an upcoming event that you could participate in.

Public speaking
Giving a talk is by far the best way to get quality prospects into your pipeline. The public views speakers as authorities in their field and, best of all, speakers gain credibility immediately and are able to harvest leads from their talks. Giving a talk reaches far more prospects at one time than individual one-on-one networking, and you can be busy following up with prospects for months to come.

The key to this strategy is to give talks to established groups. If you try to create your own talking event and fill it with your own audience, you will spend too much time trying to get bodies into seats. Your talk should be educational, not a sales presentation. By providing value, you will gain credibility. If you are not an experienced speaker, consider joining Toastmasters to improve your skills and confidence. Also, ask your best clients what groups they belong to and start soliciting speaking engagements from those groups.

Strategic alliances
There are many professionals who can funnel clients to you. These include attorneys, accountants, CPAs and other professionals who have clients who need your expertise. They are looking for an expert who can provide real solutions and excellent service.

The key to making this strategy work is to be referable and to negotiate. Create a written strategy that keeps the referring party in the loop regarding the referral status. Be prepared to negotiate when you have a prospect to refer. There’s no harm in saying: “I have a great referral for you, but tell me: What can you do for me? If I regularly send you quality referrals, can you do the same for me?” Find professionals in your current network and make appointments with those in a position to refer clients to you. Investigate the possibilities.

If successful marketing practices were easy, then everyone would adopt them. The best marketing tactics require action. Be a go-getter and get out of your comfort zone.

Suzanne Muusers is an ICF-credentialed marketing coach who has been coaching advisors since 2004. Visit to take her financial advisor marketing e-course or call 480-922-1723.

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