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Fire Up Your Marketing

These three tips will help you get rid of inertia and move you toward success.

By Suzanne Muusers

Are you in a slump? Are you no longer motivated? Is your marketing plan gathering dust? We all go through stages where we can’t seem to rise to the heights necessary to reach our goals. Get ready to boost your results with the following three tips designed to move you out of inertia and toward the path to success.

Focus on positive messages
Get excited! We all need positive reinforcement in order to maintain energy and remain committed. It’s natural to have highs and lows and to occasionally feel down, but top producers manage to maintain a positive attitude, no matter what. How can you get excited? Here are five ideas:

  • Affirmation. Type a positive message that’s meaningful to you and post it near your desk so that you can see it daily. By seeing your message over and over again, your subconscious mind will help you achieve your goals.

  • Success. Subscribe to a success-focused blog. Reading about success breeds successful habits.

  • Motivation. Listen to motivational CDs in your car and office. By surrounding yourself with positive messages, you will create a new mindset.

  • Verbalize. Talk to people about your big goals and the life you want. By verbalizing your desires, you will make the commitment to achieve them.

  • Vision. Close your eyes and envision your life as though you have achieved your goals. What are you doing? Where are you living? What is your life like? If you can visualize it, then you can believe it.

Create a new marketing tactic
There’s nothing better than a new approach to boost your energy and your results. If you’re in a rut, you may not be excited about your practice. What new tactic have you been thinking about but have not yet implemented? Here are five ideas:

  • Thank-you cards. When was the last time you sent out a handwritten thank-you card to a client? The simplest activities can have the most impact. Imagine the happiness you can spread by sending 10 thank-you cards per week.

  • Birthday luncheon. Have a birthday lunch for your A clients and ask them to invite five friends. You’ll make new contacts who are in the same socio-economic class as your best clients.

  • Written referral strategy. Create a step-by-step procedure to help you implement a written referral strategy.

  • Throw a party. Open your house to your clients, friends and prospects. Exposure leads to business, and there is no better way to get publicity than to celebrate.

  • Exhibit at a trade show. Target a specific industry and exhibit at its trade show. Offer a free drawing and watch your prospect pipeline grow. Become the "expert" for this industry.

Build a daily success schedule
Create a routine that ensures you are engaging in the daily tasks that lead to financial success. Top producers are focused on all the right activities and diligently map out their day and week ahead of time. Plan your day every day. When you get to the office, or before you go home, decide what you’ll spend your time on. Rate your day at the end of the day on a scale of 1-10. Were you productive? Did you get things done? If not, what held you up and how can you avoid this, going forward?

Make a daily and weekly success calendar and include the following activities:

  • Follow-up calls to prospects every day

  • Appointments per week

  • Outbound client calls

  • Client appointments and reviews

  • Project work

Do it!
Let’s imagine your life if you implement these three tips. You are continually upbeat and positive, making people wonder how you’re able to maintain your optimistic attitude. You can’t wait to get to work and be productive. Your prospect pipeline is full of new prospects eagerly awaiting your call. You are so efficient with your time that you routinely leave the office on time and now are able to take more vacations with your spouse and children.

This is all possible if you focus on the positive, create new marketing tactics and learn to use your time efficiently. You can do it!

Suzanne Muusers is a business coach who helps financial advisors plan their success by stepping out of their comfort zones. Her coaching program, The Prosperous Advisor, helps advisors break out of inertia and grow their practices. Visit

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