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  • Education Planning
    It makes a big difference who owns the college nest egg—the parents or the student.

  • Eliminate Your Stress
    Stressed out? Here are some quick ways to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

  • From Factfinding to Discovery
    Helping clients discover what they want for their financial future is the first step to a profitable relationship.

  • Gapping for Growth
    This unique system will help you grow your business using existing clients.

  • Master Class
    Helping people secure their futures is a noble goal, but the engine behind it is still good old-fashioned sales. Learn from your leaders what it takes to stay in the business and succeed at selling.

  • Finding Your Niche
    Targeting women business owners will open a door to the affluent market.

  • The Referral Lucky 13
    Learn 13 common-sense methods to gather the best referrals.

  • Staying Power
    Learn how four leaders, including NAIFA CEO David F. Woods, kept their sales careers on course.

August 2003

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April 2003

  • From Commission to Fees
    Learn how this advisor successfull converted his clients to fee-based accounts.

  • The Five-Question Interview
    With five questions you can get the stories that will turn prospects into clients.

  • The Five Secrets of Seminar Success
    If you're new to seminars, or a savvy veteran, these tips will sharpen your game.

  • Targeting Seniors
    Today's seniors are active and living longer. That means yesterday's products and approaches may not be a good fit. Here?s what you can do to keep these clients financially healthy as they retire.

  • Unlicensed Sharing
    No matter how you couch it, sharing your commission with an unlicensed advisor can spell trouble.

  • Finding Your Niche in the Women's Market
    You shouldn't be selling to all women, just some women. Find out why some advisors are taking this tack, and why you should as well.

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