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  • As Clients Age
    LTCI is an important product for older clients and should be sold differently than traditional life products.

  • Charitable Life Insurance
    Find out how charitable organizations use life insurance to build endowments.

  • Double Your Income With Multilife LTCI
    Favorable government regulations have made the workplace a prime spot for LTCI sales.

  • Inspiring American Dreams
    The middle market is currently under-served, which could have serious repercussions for the insurance industry. But why is it being ignored? Marketing and selling to this group can increase your profits.

  • Magic Notes
    To ensure you will close a sale, take comprehensive notes during the initial client meeting.

  • Is Motivation Still Important?
    Esteemed producers provide the answer.

  • Optimal LTCI Plans
    Boost your long-term care sales by helping your client choose the policy that is right for him.

  • Reps Lack Sales Skills
    Some sales reps have forgotten the basics of selling. Brush up on the fundamentals.

  • Timing Is Everything
    Before heading home, one young man buys a DI policy, then puts it to quick use.

  • Turn Up the Heat
    Some sales reps have forgotten the basics of selling. Brush up on the fundamentals.

  • Use a Needs Analysis With Your Clients
    Excerpted from our new sales book, learn to use the needs analysis as a sales tool.

  • Your Best Year
    A 2004 NAIFA Convention panel designed for young advisors will sharpen your professional growth strategies.

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