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  • The Seeds of Change
    What will happen when federal estate taxes no longer matter?

  • The Un-Sale Sale
    Success is about finding out what someone needs and designing a way to make it happen.

  • Top Secrets of Top Producers
    Here are four ways to create a winning edge in your practice.

  • I Object!
    Wondering what to do when your client says no?

  • Keys to Early Success
    Being a professional agent is both easier and harder than you can imagine.

  • Power to the People
    By empowering those around you—with three easy techniques—you automatically boost your success factor.

  • A Matter of Education
    You will attract Spanish-speaking clients if you are willing to teach them the importance of insurance protection.

  • Asset Allocation
    Your clients’ plan should reflect their needs, goals, situation and risk tolerance.

  • Ace Your Presentation
    Learning when to lean back may be the ticket to closing the deal.

  • Bullish on HSAs
    Learn how to mine the gold in your “abandoned” and bottom-tier clients.

  • Sell to Sell Again
    Learn the red-carpet service system, and turn a proepect into a client for life.

  • 7 Ways to Turn Failure Into Success
    Learn from the greats in history what it takes to turn a crash-and-burn into a turnaround.

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