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December 2006

  • Asking the Right Questions
    Advisors share key questions that get prospects thinking more seriously about their financial needs.

  • Creating a “Life at Work”
    It’s time to find your purpose and calling.

  • Family Ties
    Three families share their insights on why working together as financial advisors offers so many benefits for their clients and for them.

  • Generation to Generation
    Here are some additional nuggets of wisdom from multigenerational advisors.

  • Go Slow—Become Friends
    Good relationships will help you build referral partnerships, win more clients and bring them back time and time again.

  • Make a Wish
    They’ll know what to get and you’ll know what to give by using online “wish list” tools.

  • More Words of Wisdom
    These inspiring gems make for a great pick-me-up any time of year.

  • A Multiline Agent’s Three Must-Dos
    Scott Foster’s not just any multiline agent, he’s also an MDRT member. He offers three tips for you to get there, too.

  • Reaching LTCI Prospects
    Few prospects are too young for long-term care insurance, says one LTCI specialist. Here’s how to reach them.

  • To Fee or Not to Fee
    These questions will help you decide if you should charge fees for your services.

November 2006

  • Business Etiquette 101—Part 2
    Are you putting your best foot forward, or are you getting a reputation that will kill your business relationships? Check out these common etiquette blunders.

  • Business Etiquette 101—Part 1
    Are you putting your best foot forward, or are you getting a reputation that will kill your business relationships? Take this quiz to find out how you measure up.

  • Different Brains, Different Approaches
    Gender does matter when it comes to communication. Here are four pointers to help you navigate the gender maze effectively.

  • Cheaper, Easier, Better
    ... a you-can-never-lose-it golf ball, a stylish VoIP phone and other gadgety marvels.

  • Creating an Image of Success
    So, you want to tap into the affluent market? You’ve got to invest in yourself first.By Howard B. Cowan, CLU, ChFC

  • Critical Illness Insurance
    As medical bankruptcies skyrocket, CI insurance may be the best option for your prospects and clients.

  • Information Overload
    An overflowing in-box is a sign that you’re not processing things into your organizational system efficiently.

  • Magical Ways to Sell LTCI
    The secret to LTCI sales success is understanding that your clients want and need to protect their dignity.

  • Strategies for Success
    Four young advisors and a professional coach describe the ways you can get through the tough times and start moving ahead.

  • The Future is Now
    Young advisors made their mark at the San Francisco convention.

  • The $2 Edge
    MDRT member Marc Silverman offers an idea that’ll pay off with your DI insurance prospects.

October 2006

September 2006

August 2006

  • Beach Reads
    Leave the financial-planning books on your shelf and pack some fun for your vacation.

  • The Big Talk
    Here are a few tips to steer your talks with multiline clients toward life insurance.

  • Blog Your Way to Better Clients
    You don’t need to be a web guru to use this online marketing tool. Here are five reasons to give it a try.

  • The Changing LTCI Marketplace
    Baby Boomers and younger working adults are becoming aware of long-term care insurance. Are you ready for this opportunity?

  • Cultivating Women as Clients
    Save time and tap into the women’s market with this six-step seminar approach.

  • Feed Me, Seymour
    It’s really simple to get updated news headlines—including industry news—on your computer through RSS feeds.

  • Leveraging LIAM
    Next month is Life Insurance Awareness Month, when millions of Americans will be persuaded to get the financial protection they need for themselves and their loved ones. Make the most of this important campaign by using the ideas in this article. By Lynn Vincent

  • Financial Planning for Military Families
    As service members find themselves on longer deployments, you can help them find financial security for their families.

  • Riddle Me This!
    For an easy way to show your clients why insurance is so important in estate planning, try these riddles on them.

  • The IRS—Your Hidden Beneficiary
    Do your clients know who's getting the biggest part of the estate?

  • The Dollar Riddle
    It looks like an easy question, but this riddle will get your clients thinking.

  • Show Her You Care
    Shorten the sales process with women using these seven steps.

  • Three Steps to a Perfect Hire
    If you’ve ever hired in haste only to repent in leisure, it’s time to put this hiring process in place.

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