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December 2007

November 2007

  • Are You Ready to Join a Study Group?
    Use this checklist to see if this method of sharing ideas with others?and growing your practice?is for you.

  • Bring Products to Life With a Story
    Here's a $10 million example of how storytelling can be put to work in your business.

  • High-Touch Means Clients for Life
    Developing a systematic approach to getting to know your clients allows you to cement your relationship and grow a referral-based business.

  • How to Succeed
    A kind heart and a good attitude can take you to new heights of success in your personal and professional lives. Here are seven ways to succeed at work and in life.

October 2007

September 2007

  • Attracting the Affluent
    Want to grow your business by 50 percent? Then it’s time to put a plan in place.

  • Common Annuity Planning Mistakes
    Knowing what they are and how to avoid them will help keep you and your client out of trouble.

  • Your Best Prospect
    He’s right at your fingertips, in your client file, and his name is Mr. Business Owner.

  • Ten Ways to Find Inspiration
    Your next marketing strategy should be a creative team effort from start to finish.

  • Securing the Next Generation
    For years, you’ve asked your clients how their children are doing; it’s time to turn this friendly chitchat into serious dialogue.

  • Are You a Referral Wimp?
    You’ve avoided asking for referrals, for fear that you’ll come across as pushy or desperate—now’s the time to take action.

  • Sales Ideas from the Top
    From the “calculator” sale to the small-business owner “assist,” this article has a tip for just about anyone.

  • Let Me Share a Story
    Showing how someone benefited from owning a long-term care insurance policy will help you seal the deal.

  • Speak the Language of the Affluent
    These five scripts will help you get the conversation started with your affluent prospects and clients.

  • Tee Time
    The golf course is a wonderful place to spend four hours of quality time with affluent women clients.

August 2007

  • To Boomers’ Health
    Accurate projections of health-care costs are critical for your clients’ retirement planning.

  • Delegating Effectively
    Defining your staff’s roles and consistently handing off work to the right person are must-dos for business success. By Gina Pellegrini

  • Why Income Planning Is Key
    You need to be in this market to set yourself apart.

  • Reach New Heights
    The Million Dollar Round Table meeting in Denver inspired, motivated and delivered great ideas for running a more successful business.

  • Pick a Position
    Want clients to think of you first and prospects to find you fast? Go beyond branding and learn how to position yourself for the business you want.

  • Getting Ready for LIAM
    Learn what you need to do to prepare for Life Insurance Awareness Month, an important public-relations campaign now in its fourth year.

  • Surprise and Delight
    When you gather intelligence—when you ask questions and really listen to the answers—you’ll discover your prospects’ “passion points.”

July 2007

June 2007

  • Lessons From a Young Advisor
    For Paul Adams, the keys to success are professional development—and a healthy dose of humility.

  • Saving America’s Heritage
    One farmer made it his business to help others save their family farms.

  • Spreading the Word
    This former journalist developed his networking skills on Capitol Hill. As a financial planner, those skills are at the heart of his success.

  • Vision Through Action
    When Bryan Nakamoto entered the industry full-time four years ago, he knew this much: If he just kept working, he’d succeed. By Lisa Singh

  • Charitable Giving With Life Insurance
    There are two basic ways you can help clients use permanent insurance to support the charity of their choice.

  • Dealing With Divorcing Clients
    Make your clients’ lives easier by being there for them during this difficult transition.

  • A Gentle Reminder
    Ethics training is important, even if you’re sure you always do the right thing.

  • Planning for Peak Performance
    Carefully planning and tracking your days and quarters can make the difference between an OK practice and one that thrives.

  • Referral Radar System
    This system will help you gauge whether a prospective referral partner is a keeper or a dead-end.

  • Identifying Referral Partners
    Your email inbox is full and so is your voicemail—who in the bunch could be your next top referral partner?

  • Seven Stress-Busting Strategies
    Why not use these simple-to-implement ideas to fine-tune your approach to work—and life?

  • Untying the Knot
    Divorce financial analysis will help divorcees determine goals and cash-flow needs.

May 2007

  • Determining the Appropriate Amount of Life Insurance
    Ensure you are properly meeting your client’s needs by understanding which approach to employ.By Glenn E. Stevick Jr., CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

  • A DI Action Plan
    The need couldn’t be clearer, and the opportunities greater, for selling DI insurance—here’s your chance to reach this largely untapped marketplace.

  • Mind Reading 101—Really!
    It all begins with understanding how two “mental filters” work when your prospect or client is sitting in front of you.

  • Staying Organized on the Go
    Advisors weigh in with their tips for managing business wherever they are.

  • Building a Portable Office
    Trying to cram your office into your briefcase? Get it right from the get-go before you get up and go. By Helen Thompson

  • The Right Questions
    You can’t talk people into buying, but you can listen them into it. Questions are your greatest selling tool.

  • The Only Referral Script You’ll Ever Need
    MDRT legend Tony Gordon gives you his two-part approach.

  • Telling Your Story
    Sometimes you need to connect with a prospect in a more emotional way—that’s where your “story” comes in.

  • Work Less, Make More
    Take a few minutes from your busy schedule to read through this article, and you will discover what has eluded many of your fellow advisors: the ability to decrease your workload and increase your income.

April 2007

March 2007

  • Time to Think Differently
    Reaching the new DI insurance buyer requires that you explore new strategies.

  • Don’t Do What Comes Naturally
    If you want to grow your business, try exploring nontraditional markets.

  • Ten Tips for Networking
    These helpful hints have led to a steady stream of referrals for one advisor.

  • Planning for the Future
    Your client earns too much to have a Roth IRA? Not for long!

  • Ideas From the Top
    NAIFA’s leaders share some time-tested ideas that have helped their businesses thrive.

  • Another Idea From the Top
    You scored that all-important meeting with a prospect. A NAIFA trustee weighs in on how to start building trust at the beginning.

  • What’s Your Plan?
    David Newman dispels some myths about business plans and explains why you can and should write one.

  • What’s Your Plan? Part 2
    Once you understand why you need a business plan, here’s what to include in the plan.

  • Working With Today’s Investors
    Make a difference with your clients by helping them focus on their long-term goals and buttressing their financial plan against the inevitable market dips and drops that the future holds.

February 2007

  • Advanced 20-Point Days
    A daily system for success, formulated by an industry master.

  • The L-Factor
    Get more referrals from your centers of influence by being more likeable.

  • Overcoming Your Fear of Prospecting
    Are you one of the 95 percent of advisors who hate to prospect? Lynn Vincent features several advisors who have come up with innovative ways to keep the prospecting pipeline full.

  • The Pension Protection Act
    Discover the many opportunities it offers for annuity sales.

  • Pick Me
    Here are six factors that influence a prospect’s decision to do business with you.

  • Successful Prospecting: It’s in the Mail
    Direct mail is successful when prospects read it. Here’s one very effective way to make sure they do.

  • Practice Makes Perfect
    The beauty of a Michael Jordan shot was backed up by thousands of hours of practice. Learn from the greats, and start incorporating these “best practices” into your daily routine.

  • Time-Saving Tools
    Check out these three gadgets, which just may free up a bit of your day.

January 2007

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