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March/April 2014
Building a Thriving Annuities Practice
We asked seasoned financial professionals for insight on what it takes to build a thriving annuity practice in 2014 and beyond. What they shared with us should be all you need to take action in your never-ending quest for more annuity sales.

Employee Benefits in the New Health Care Era
Helping workers understand benefits enrollment and make informed choices can help you find success.

Benefitting from Annuity Trends
Understand the latest trends in annuities and you will help your clients and prospects reap major benefits.

Web Exclusives:
An Extended Look at Our Four Under Forty

Elizabeth Metzger: Stumbling Upon a Dream
What began as a way for Metzger to help her husband has now blossomed into a calling.

Robert Donlan: A Focus on Family
Donlan works with families to help them get to where they want to be.

Mark Wise: The Drive to Help
Wise is grateful for a career that lets him use his skills and talents to help others.

Joseph Tavernite: Behind the Scenes
Tavernite's tasks are beyond sales–they include producer retention, growth rates and the firm's financial performance.

Podcast Series

Building a More Successful Practice

Protecting Your Business
During the 2013 NAIFA Congressional Conference, NAIFA members educated lawmakers about the value of their business to 75 million American families. As the industry prepares for the 2014 Congressional Conference in May, Tasha Jo Hill describes the benefits she gained from attending last year's conference, what to expect from this year's meeting, and how NAIFA membership is helping her in her role as Director of DI Income Sales for Guardian Brokerage.

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