Monthly Archives: October 2011

Leveraging LIFE’s Resources

The marketing materials developed by the LIFE Foundation can be a great help in our business. I myself didn’t have a full understanding, until recently, of the breadth and depth of LIFE’s marketing tools, such as the online calculators and the all the resources available for Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). As a third-party trusted advisor, LIFE provides resources for use in educating and marketing insurance to prospects and clients, so check them out.

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Using LinkedIn to Generate Referrals

Many advisors are using LinkedIn to identify prospects on from their clients’ profiles. Have you found the right words to have a comfortable conversation with these folks without sounding sales-y? Using LinkedIn is a viable strategy, but you need to proceed with caution.

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LTCI Is Sold, Not Bought

When it comes to long-term-care insurance, thinking outside the box and adopting a less conventional selling system will result in increased sales. The saying "telling is not selling" is particularly true in our business, and producers will often learn this lesson the hard way when emailing a quote, sending out a product brochure or supply a premium price over the phone. LTCI needs an explanation of all its moving parts—therefore, it needs to be agent-delivered.

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