Because of NAIFA, I grew my business and became a better advisor

When I started in the insurance and financial services industry, I was fortunate to be in a district office with successful agents. During my early years, one of the seasoned agents would visit each of our individual offices to remind us to attend this month’s Local NAIFA meeting.

I decided to join NAIFA and take an active role in our local leadership, including serving on the local board. In retrospect, I believe that by attending NAIFA meetings and becoming involved in our association, I grew my business and became a better advisor, serving my clients with the knowledge and experience that they deserve.

After serving as a volunteer leader at the local level, I went on to serve as a leader within the state of Wisconsin. This experience taught me the value of our industry, its accomplished leaders, and how congressional legislation impacts the lives of our clients and our own bottom line.

As a NAIFA member, I continue to take advantage of programs only available to NAIFA members, including LILI, the Leadership in Life Institute. Without NAIFA, I would not have had the leadership experience, the business growth opportunities and the personal friendships I have enjoyed throughout my career.

I hold tremendous value in my NAIFA membership, and I truly believe that NAIFA continues to support the growth of our industry and will unwaveringly protect the future of our profession and the clients we represent.

Cindy Bong, CLTC, LUTCF
Hartland WI
NAIFA Member



  1. cindy bong…are you any relation to carl bong who is the brother of richard bong.????(naifa has helped me tremendously through the continuous up-to-date info)…hey cindy..let me know …thanks, tom stackhouse

  2. We agree on all counts, Cindy. NAIFA is a great organization!

    Danna Agency
    White Bear Lake, MN
    NAIFA Members