It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of NAIFA Past President Jeffrey J. Taggart, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF.

Mr. Taggart was NAIFA president from 2007 to 2008 and was a third-generation NAIFA member. He followed closely in the footsteps of his grandfather, Grant Taggart, who was called the “Will Rogers of the insurance industry.”

Mr. Taggart was also a life member of MDRT, a board member of the Life Foundation and a member of numerous industry and civic organizations. He was a beloved NAIFA leader and will always be remembered as a wonderful friend and a pillar of strength in the financial-services industry.



  1. Accomplishments aside, I will miss Jeff for our non NAIFA chats regarding family and family history. I mainly cherish talking about Wyoming and his grandfather over a beer on several occasions. Jeff listened intently as I described my Oklahoma roots and the life insurance forebearers in my own family. His greatness came from listening to others and not being judgemental.

  2. Shan – my sincere thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful children! Jeff was a great man and he will be greatly missed by so many. Sending you hugs this way since distance doesn’t allow me to deliver them in person. I will miss Jeff’s gentle spirit and his wisdom of our great industry.

    Juli McNeely
    NAIFA Trustee

  3. Jeff was a true leader in every sense. We benefited from his great dedication to NAIFA and this industry. We also enjoyed that great sense of humor that he shared with all. We are grateful for those gifts Jeff and his family shared.
    May God bless

  4. Jeff was a true inspiration as a steward to the insurance industry. He made me feel as if we were best friends form the very first monent we met.

  5. To Jeff’s family and friends, I wish you joy in having known Jeff, peace in him being at peace, and strength in faith to see you through your loss. So many loved the gentle giant of a man who touched so many of us in small and large ways..thank you for sharing him with us. My husband and I will keep you and yours in our prayers!

  6. We at NAIFA-Syracuse extend our heartfelt sympathy to the Taggert family, our prayers are with you!

  7. Marie Mercer - NAIFA-Virginia

    It is with heavy heart, I extend condolences to the Taggert family on behalf of your NAIFA-Virginia family. We thank the Taggerts for sharing their precious gift, Jeff, with us for many years. His time, talent, character and conviction will not be forgotten and forever will be appreciated. He and his grandfather before him have left a legacy with the insurance industry. Now Jeff has been elected angel status and we are blessed to have been a part of his life. Godspeed, Marie

  8. Evie and David Woods

    We only got to know Jeff and Shan beyond a passing nod in recent years. We regret it was not much sooner as we came to know Jeff as a man of enormous character and integrity who made major contributions to our profession. A “gentle giant”, his compassion and love of all, both those more fortunate as well as those less fortunate, were a hallmark.

    A light has gone out. He will be missed but not forgotten.

  9. In addition to the preceding comments I was always impressed by Jeff’s total commitment to whatever it took to make NAIFA a more effective organization. At the beginning of NAIFA’s political involvement program Jeff was the “Go To” person who would make himself available for meetings and when he did a NAIFA video he only needed one take–he was a natural. It was a pleasure and honor to know and work with Jeff.

    David Winston
    (former NAIFA staff)

  10. My condolences to Jeff’s family. What a tremendous loss of a great man. His passion was contagious. It was an honor to know and work with such a gentle man. Jeff, You will be missed by all.

  11. My condolences to Jeff’s family. What a tremendous loss of a great an. His passion was contagious. It was an honor to know and work with sich a gentle man. Jeff, You will be missed by all.

  12. Our industry mourns for Jeff , his family and brother Chris. He was always willing to share his time and treasure with the industry he so loved. He will be greatly missed by his family and all of us who were influenced or assisted in any way while being involved in our industry.

  13. It is difficult to imagine the Federation without Jeff Taggert – NAIFA’s “gentle giant”. Serving on a number of committees with him over the years, I was always impressed by how he could bring people together. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. He will be missed

    Mark Yavornitzki
    Principal – GR Initiatives, LLC
    (former NAIFA-NYS Executive VP)

  14. Earl R. Borders, III

    I was shocked and saddened to learn of Jeff’s passing. I had the privilege of working with Jeff on the national membership committee when he was the trustee liaison. Jeff’s gregarious personality lent itself to a warm and humorous approach to leadership. He was a dedicated and passionate person, yet put those at ease who worked around him. The traits that made him so unique will especially cause him to be sorely missed. Our prayers are with his family, friends and associates at this difficult time.

    Earl R. Borders, III
    Past President

  15. Our Insurance Industry has lost a very fine leader and a truly wonderful human being. Being around Jeff was always an uplifting experience.

    He always set a good example of what a caring agent and representative of our business should emulate. Most of us want to think that our time and energy spent in making this world a little better for our being here was accomplished……..and he definitely did just that! My deepest respect for a young man who will surely be missed.

    John Root
    Past Oregon President & Natl Committeman

  16. A few minutes with Jeff and he made you feel like you were long time friends. I am saddened by his passing, but will always cherish his sense of humor and the laughs we shared. My deepest condolences to his family.

  17. Bob & Diane Wernecke

    Jeff will be missed by all who knew him, but our memories of meeting, eating and talking with him and Shan at the many NAIFA conventions will live in our hearts forever, as will his positive spirit and his great sense of humor. Our deepest sympathies to Shan, Jessica and Alex; along with Chris, Greg, Colette, Megan and Phyllis, his mom. Our prayers go up to him and especially to all those he loved here.

  18. Dear Shan, Chris and the entire Taggert family, What a terrible loss for you folks, the NAIFA family, and all who knew Jeff.He was able to combine and share with all who knew him his warmth, humour,sensitivity, and great passion. We are truly sorry for his passing but we believe that his spirit will always be with us. We wish you strength, hope, and faith during these sorrowful days. Sincerely, Al Brodbeck

  19. My sincere condolences go to Jeff’s family at this most difficult time. My prayers are with you.

    Shot Mangum
    Mechanicsville, Va.
    Past Trustee

  20. Reading these comments have brought tears to my eyes. Jeff invited me to be a part of his 2007 Convention Committee here in DC and I am so thankful for having known him. I learned a ton from his example and great giving spirit. Let’s carry on his legacy.

    Steve O

  21. Elaine and I send our deepest sympathy to Shan and her children as well as to Jeff’s extended family. We are stunned by his passing.Seeing his smiling face brings both sadness and joy. The joy is the photo which captures the essence of Jeff’s personality and his love for others. You can not think of him without smiling.

    Jeff was a man of faith. As much as we miss him now, we can take comfort that we will see him again in heaven along with his beaming smile and booming laugh. His legacy will live through the investment he made in the lives of others.

  22. I hadn’t seen Jeff in several years, but always enjoyed my time with him. My best memory of Jeff was when he brought in an agent to meet with me and the head of the DI department here at Ameritas (formerly Union Central). He was sitting opposite me at a conference table and as I was talking, I was playing with a rubber band (one of my many nervous habits). In the blink of an eye, that rubber band snapped and poof, it was gone. I looked around for it and so did Jeff, but neither of us saw it. I swear, it seemed like 10 seconds later that thing finally landed…right in front of the agent he had brought in. I know I was ten shades of red and thought for sure I’d get in trouble. He just looked at me, laughed and said, “Wow…that thing had some serious hang time, didn’t it?” We all had a good laugh and went on, but I realized then that not only was he a well respected insurance professional, he was a good person who treated others well and made them feel comfortable, no matter what the situation or their position in a company. I regret that I hadn’t seen him or been in touch with him recently because I really enjoyed being around him. His entire family and circle of friends are in my thoughts and prayers at this time. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  23. Scott Blankenship CLU

    Jeff has always impressed me as one of the most sincere and friendly people I have met in my 20 years in the industry. I had the pleasure to both work with him at Union Central and at several NAIFA functions including a trip to the Anchorage NAIFA together to speak at their annual meeting (they were there to see him, not me) and remember how when he entered a room, wherever he was, he seemed to find a long lost friend which tells you all you need to know about what his loss means and I am proud to be one of those friends. I look forward to seeing you again one day Jeff…
    Scott Blankenship
    NW Disability Center

  24. I was shocked and saddened to hear the news of Jeff’s passing. I had the opportunity to get to know and work with Jeff around seven years ago or so. He was always very generous with his time, had a terrific sense of humor and wise advice for me, both personally and professionally. Jeff was a happy warrior in every sense and gave so much back to the life insurance industry. There are many producers who have and will benefit because of Jeff’s hard and selfless work. I will miss him. RIP, Jeff.

  25. Jeff was a giant in our industry and in stature and a child in my heart. I could not wrap my arms around him, but I certainly tried each and every time we met. He welcomed the hugs. Jeff was a willing participant in our “Winterfest” CE day in Portland, Oregon a very few years ago. His presentation was received with great appreciation and a standing ovation. Jeff’s passing before his time should remind all of us of how important our life’s work is to our clients.

  26. I came to know Jeff through the wide circle of friends he made over the years in NAIFA. He embodied the ideals of what a good life insurance man should be, and or three generations, the Taggart name has been synonymous with the highest of professional and ethical standards. To Shan and Chris, my deepest of sympathies. Me and my family will keep you and yours in our prayers.

    Mark Miller
    UCL Financial Group

  27. I have a job in the insurance industry thanks to Jeff Taggart. He is both family and friend. I last spoke with Jeff on Saturday when he called me to check on my pregnant wife(his niece). She delivered the day after his passing. I’m confident Jeff held our baby Mae before she came down to us. Thank you for everything Jeff.

  28. Michael K Fiamingo LUTCF

    We all share the shock of the passing of our past National President Jeff Taggert. We all benefitted from his leadership on the NAIFA Board during his tenure and know that he will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shan and the Taggert family.

    Mike Fiamingo
    President- NAIFA California

  29. Jeff Taggart was a truly incredible man whom I respected and admired. I had the priveldge of working with him as the AEC Chair and he was always willing to take time to listen to my concerns. He cared about people and about NAIFA. He was a giant of a man in his integrity and wisdom who lead us well! I will miss his hugs and his friendship! My thoughts and prayers are with Shan and her family and with Chris and his family. Jeff’s family are as wonderful as he was. May Heavenly Father bless and comfort each of you.

  30. Shan & the Taggart Family – The passing of a loved one is never easy and all of NAIFA grieves with you now. Jeff was a man of great stature, not only physical but also in the manner that he carried himself and in how he related to all of those he knew. He will be sorely missed and fondly remembered by all of us.

    Mike Struebing
    National Membership Chair

  31. Bryon Holz, President, NAIFA-Florida

    Our deepest sympathies go out to the Taggart Family, friends, colleagues, and indeed, our entire NAIFA Family, for this great loss. Jeff was a part of a wonderful legacy which will no doubt continue for generations to come. Wishes of peace, and may his memory continue to inspire us for the greater good of our federation and profession.

  32. Shan-Jeff will be sorely missed by all of us touched by him through our NAIFA experience, his other family, Barbara and i extend our heartfelt prayers for you and the rest of the Taggart family. For us Jeff was a big ole teddy bear. One with a great heart and wing span big enough to hug the whole federation. We will miss him.
    Chris-We feel your loss. Be well and know you are in our thoughts too.
    Love to all of you,

  33. Jeff, was a man no one will ever forget. So sorry for your loss.

  34. I was deeply saddened to hear of Jeff’s passing, my thoughts and prayers got out to the entire Taggart family.  Through out my years of involvement with NAIFA I always found Jeff to be a great resource, an advocate but most of all friend.  Jeff, you will be sorely missed.

  35. Jeff was a giant among us in many more ways that just his height. Working with him over the years as Chair of the Western States Forum I learned what sacrifice is all about. Regrdless of how he was feeling at the time he was always ready to pitch in and get the job at hand completed. He knew no enemies and was a friend to all. He will be greatly missed by all who had the good fortune to meet him. I pity those that did not have the honor of knowing Jeff as they do not know what they have missed. May he rest in peace and God Bless his wonderful family.

  36. Timothy J. Burns-NAIFA-Sioux Falls

    On behalf of the local Sioux Falls, SD association-we send our deepest sympathy’s and blessings to the family of Jeff Taggart.

  37. My deepest sympathy to Jeff ‘s family. He was always was filled with joy and kindess. He will surely be missed by all that had the pleasure of knowing him.

    Past NAIFA National Employee

  38. Jim Johnson NAIFA-IN

    I want to give my deepest sympathy to the Taggart family. From my first national convention on, Jeff Taggart was always one of the main characters that I looked for, I know, he was hard to miss but for me it was his kind, sincere, and generous attitude that really made him stand out. I observed how his peers responded to him as well. There were always smiles as big as he was with warm hugs and handshakes of deep respect and friendship. I know the sacrifices that he made to earn that kind of respect and it will be greatly missed. NAIFA will not be the same without him. Well done Mr. Taggart and may God bless you and your family now and forever.

  39. Chris and Taggart Family: We’ve all lost a giant in so many ways. Our thoughts are with you all.

  40. There will be a void in the NAIFA family with the passing of Jeff. Jeffs physical stature was surpased only by the size of his kindness for his fellow man. To Shan and the Taggart family I offer my deepest condolences.

  41. Jack Chiasson, CAE

    The entire NAILBA family is saddened to learn of Jeff’s death. Jeff was instrumental in helping to re-energize the relationship between NAIFA and NAILBA, and for that we will always remember him, and will always consider him a part of our family!

    Our kindest thoughts to Shan and to the rest of his family. We will all miss him.

  42. Jeff was a special person who gave his all to everything he did; a husband, father and leader in his community and our industry. He will be missed.

  43. It is with a profound sense of loss that I read of Jeff’s passing. NAIFA has lost a true leader. I grew to know Jeff while I served as NAIFA-Oregon’s president in 2000-01 and later for many years that I served as Oregon’s National Committeeman. His wisdom was true and reliable. Leadership came naturally for him. He was our candidate from the Western States Forum when he ran for National Trustee and later for Secretary of NAIFA. He was a man of great humor that could defuse tense situations. We shall all miss Jeff.

  44. As so many have said, Jeff was a kind, gentle giant. I met him at a NAIFA meeting in Alaska and every time I saw him he always remembered me and talked about that meeting. He made everyone he met feel very special. I’m very thankful to have met him and will keep Jeff and his family in my prayers. He will be missed by all.

    Marilyn Lewis
    NAIFA Nevada

  45. My prayers and sympathy goes out to the Taggert Family in the loss of your husband, father, son and brother. Jeff always had a smile on his face, a good word to say and a hug to give. He will be missed by many.
    NAIFA MT SE Billings, MT

  46. David & Pat Smithkey

    As we said on Facebook…”we miss him already”…
    we miss his friendship…his warmth and his great but
    dry sense of humor…he was a great big teddy bear to
    many of us…rest in peace

  47. My prayers are with the Taggarts. What a wonderful man Jeff was.

  48. Dean & Linda Macheras

    He will be long remembered and sorely missed. Our sympathies to his family and many friends who feel the loss.

  49. I just read with deep sadness the announcement of Jeff’s passing. My thoughts and prayers
    go out to the Taggart family. And a special thank you to the Taggart family for their dedication
    to our Industry and NAIFA in particular. Jeff will be missed by all of us.

  50. Delma and I were saddened to hear of Jeff’s passing and extend our deepest sympathy to the entire family.

  51. What a wonderful gift God gave to us in Jeff Taggart. A true friend, mentor and champion in the insurance industry for all causes. IFAPAC was blessed to have his support and commitment. He will be sorely missed. My sincerest sympathies to Chris and all the family, we have all lost a wonderful person in our lives. May God be with you now, always and all ways.

    Rita A. Kerber
    Past Colorado PAC Chair

  52. Shannon Kuetemeyer Robertson, CAE

    I was so sad to hear the news of Jeff. He was an AMAZING volunteer that I had the pleasure of serving with and knowing. He was a positive inspiration to so many in our industry and was a true servant leader to NAIFA. I will continue to pray for his family, friends and colleagues. I know Jeff is making so many in heaven laugh and smile at this very moment. Rest in peace Jeff….you are missed!

    Shannon Kuetemeyer Robertson, CAE, M.S.
    NAIFA Louisiana Executive Director

  53. George "Andy" Beutter

    To the Taggert family, Your NAIFA Indiana extended family shares your grief and sorrw. Jeff”s passing leaves a tremendous emotional void with all of us. Jeff had so many great attributes, but we believe that they can be summed up well in this statement; “He was a good, good man!” We send you our thoughts, prayers, and emotional strength during this tryingtime. And if there is any thing we can do to assist you inthis time of need, please know you have friends in Indiana! Geoge “Andy” Beutter, President NAIFA Indiana

  54. David V. Dellinger

    The leadership and members of NAIFA-California extend their heartfelt condolences to Shan and the entire Taggart family during this very difficult time in their lives. I had the pleasure of knowing Jeff for many years, and have seen him fight for a number of causes and changes at all three levels of the NAIFA Federation. He was a man of great conviction and a man of great purpose. It was such a pleasure to see him fulfill his life long dream of being elected NAIFA President joining his Grandfather Grant Taggart who served as NALU’s President in 1942-1943. His personal example of involvement and leadership is now a permanent part of NALU’s/NAIFA’s culture and legacy. Jeff will be missed by many many people…….

  55. My deepest sympathy goes out to Shan and the family, as well as to Chris and his family. Jeff was an amazing man who offered kind words and encouragement to all he came into contact with. It was through Jeff’s encouragement that I joined the national NAIFA membership team, and it was throught Jeff’s encouragement that I ran for NAIFA Trustee when I did. He helped me to be the best I could be, and to think more strategically about NAIFA’s future, as well as my own. Jeff will be missed and remembered by all who knew him. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  56. You have my prayers with you and the family as you mourn the passing of this beloved man. Jeff was a remarkable man who influenced many people during his time in mortality and he will surely be missed. He made an impression on me, too. We met years ago at a NAIFA meeting. I appreciated his quiet and thoughtful manner. When my brother, Danny, passed away years ago, I remembered this dialogue from an old 1970’s television show. It helped me understand how others feel the loss of a loved one. It reflects the way I feel about Jeff.

    Late one night long ago I watched a rerun of the popular television program Kung Fu. After the death of an old Indian Chief he had helped, Caine stood at the funeral pyre and remembered a lesson he’d learned from Master Po as a young man. There is some wisdom in these words…

    Grasshopper: Master, what is the best way to meet the loss of one we love?

    Master: By knowing that when we truly love, it is never lost. It is only after
    death that the depth of a bond is truly felt, and our loved one
    becomes more a part of us than was possible in life.

    Grasshopper: Are we only able to feel this toward those whom we have known
    and loved a long time?

    Master: Sometimes a stranger known to us for moments can spark our
    souls to kinship for eternity.

    Grasshopper: How can a stranger take on such an importance to our souls?

    Master: Because our soul does not know time, it merely records growth.

    Kung Fu: Episode 15 – The Ancient Warrior

    One of Jeff’s many friends,
    Richard Ek

  57. C.Phillip Smelley, CIC, LUTCF

    Our prayers are with the Taggart family for their loss. The rest of us will join you in cherishing Jeff’s memory. I did not have a long-standing, close relationship with Jeff, but it would be hard for anyone to know that if they witnessed the way Jeff treated me when we were together. He made everyone feel very special. Jeff was one of the genuinely nicest persons I have ever met!

  58. I had the privelage of working with Jeff on his Convention. He was a true gentleman and a joy to be around. I am deeply saddened by his passing. The Taggert family is in my prayers.
    I will mis Jeff.

  59. Larry Fowler Jr. CLU, LUTCF

    Cleo and I had the honor of serving NAIFA for 4 years with Jeff and Shan on the NAIFA Board. We are deeply saddened by this loss for his wonderful family and NAIFA. Jeff’s memory and great sense of humor will always be a large part of the great times we will cherish forever. Our condolences to Shan,Chris and the entire Taggart Family.

  60. Rod Carr NAIFA Idaho Pres.

    On behalf of NAIFA Idaho we send our thoughts and prayers to the Taggart family. Jeff was greatly appreciated, and loved by all.

  61. Deepest sympathy to the Taggart Family. I feel very fortunate to have know Jeff through his years of leadership while I served on the National Membership Committee. Thank you for sharing him with NAIFA. May your wonderful memories bring you comfort.

    Cindy Bong
    National Membership Committee

  62. Randy Scritchfield

    One builds deep and meaningful relationships when working together on our important Industry work through our Associations. Such was the relationship that Kathy and I had with Jeff. Our thoughts and prayers are with Shan and all the Taggart family and friends. We will deeply miss the Gentle Giant—-the thoughtfulness, caring and the hugs.

    Randy and Kathy

  63. Deepest sympathy to the Taggart Family. Jeff was one of the good guys. Thank you for sharing him and his passion
    with us. Requiem Aerternam, dona eis, Domine

  64. NAIFA Palomar extends Deepest Sympathy and Condolences to the Taggart Family. Jeff was truly a great man and a great leader. He will be missed.

    Dan Wells, LUTCF
    National Committeeman NAIFA Palomar

  65. Marcia Pierce - Executive Director NAIFA-Midlands of SC

    I remember the reference to the Lewis and Clark Expedition during Jeff’s campaign for Secretary. It always seem so fitting to me. Like Lewis and Clark the position of a NAIFA officer and President requires so many of the skills utilized by that Exploration team… endurance, wisdom, and diplomacy. Like the famous explorers, Jeff was ready and capable for what awaited him. Jeff overcame the obstacles of STOLI, the Clinton Health Care Plan, and numerous legislative battles on our behalf. Like Lewis and Clark, Jeff fulfilled his expedition despite all of the impediments. I will always remember him as the gentle giant. He will be greatly missed. My blessings to all. We will survive the sadness with beautiful memories of a beautiful man.

  66. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Taggart family. I learned much from Jeff’s passion for his life and the industry. We are all better for having known him.
    Dan Bleak

  67. James W. Monteverde

    Jeff was a man beyond measure. All he did and all he accomplished was for the benefit of others. His passion and devotion to family, friends and to our Industry was consistent, heart warming and will always be reflective. Jeff will always be remembered by those who knew him only briefly and those who loved him very much.

  68. Our prayers and deepest sympathy to the Taggart Family. He was a great man and will be sorely missed. Kentucky will miss him.

    Auston G. McCay, CLU, and David McCay of McCay & Associates

  69. Deepest sympathy to the Taggart family and all those who called Jeff a friend. He will be sadly missed by so many. I personally will miss his big hugs and his kindness, always remembering to inquire about my health and my family when he was fighting for his own. Rest peacefully my friend.
    Lorie Smith
    NAIFA – MO Executive Director

  70. Corey R. Utz, CFP(R)

    On behalf of NAIFA-Pittsburgh, we extend our deepest sympathies to the Taggart family. Many of us ‘looked up’ to Jeff in more ways than one. It is a certainty that the measure of his life will extend far beyond his physical stature and the roads we now walk are better paved because of his life and work in our profession.

    Corey R. Utz, CFP(R)
    President Pittsburgh NAIFA

  71. Jeff was a wonderful President and a terrific advocate for NAIFA. He will be sorely missed by those of us who knew him as not just a NAIFA colleague but also as a friend.

  72. I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Jeff. He was a great leader and well respected man. I heard a quote the other day that reminded me of him. “In a large forest a big tree has fallen but new growth is all around it.” His legacy will live on with his family. I had the honor of serving on the Blue Ribbon Task Force with him. He will be greatly missed by so many. God Bless his family and may all the wonderful memories with Jeff help you in the days to come.

    Kim Garbers

  73. To the Taggart Family,

    On behalf of NAIFA – North Dakota, I extend our heartfelt sympathy and send our prayers. Jeff was a gentle man and wonderful mentor. He will be missed by all the people whose lives he touched.

    Pat Saltsman
    ND State President

  74. My heart is breaking , I have known Jeff most of my career and had the good fortune to serve with him on the NAIFA 2007 Convention planning committee, they broke the mold when Jeff came into our business, I will miss him greatly, my deepest regards to Jeff’s family and associates.
    Visiting him in Cody has been on my Bucket list and I stll plan to do it.

  75. Jeff was a great man and will be terribly missed. We send our prayers and love to his family.

  76. All the members of NAIFA-Iowa extend our sympathies to Jeff’s immediate and extended family, and to his many close friends with NAIFA. The leadership of Jeff and the Taggart family in the insurance industry has touched us all and we are all better because of it.

    Marty Berger
    NAIFA-Iowa President

  77. Charlotte Crandall

    My deepest sympathey to Jeff’s family on their enormous loss. I will always think of Jeff as a “gentle giant” with kindness towards all.

    Charlotte Crandall
    Assn. Exec., NAIFA-Syracuse

  78. NAIFA-Pennsylvania extends its deepest sympathies to Jeff’s family. He was a robust and dynamic leader and will be missed by all levels of the NAIFA Federation. He was also a warm personal friend to many of our leaders here and his words of encouragement and counsel will indeed be missed by his friends and admirers from Pennsylvania.

    Jan Hartman
    State Executive

  79. What a tremendous loss! Most of all to his family, but to all of us….friends, NAIFA, our industry and our country. He had the love and respect of everyone who ever knew and worked with him.
    Our sincere condolences to all his family. He will be missed!

  80. Jeff Taggart stood tall not only in stature, but towered over so many in kindness and consideration. Jeff will be missed more than you can possibly know. It was my honor to get to know such a wonderful man and a true asset to our industry and our NAIFA family. God bless to your family as you grieve the loss of your husband, father, brother. May your wonderful memories and shared stories bring you comfort in the days ahead.

  81. Jeff was a true gentleman. I will miss him and his smile as well as his positive attitude….

  82. ALL who knew Jeff will miss him it’s a loss to all those he helped in all his many years at NAIFA. I will keep Jeff and his family including our NAIFA family in my prayers.

    Sal Gagliardi
    Past New Jersey President 2009

  83. We served together leading NAIFA through turbulent times. I will miss your kindness, strength in purpose, your warmth in heart and friendship over the year. May you rest in peace my friend.

  84. Sandi & i have a special place in our heart for Jeff. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shan and the family. Our thoughts are also with Chris and his family. It is hard to think of one brother without the other.

  85. I met Jeff at one of my first NALU conventions, and he impressed me from the first as having a heart as big as he was – and as all of us know, that’s saying something! I also appreciated his thoughtful, steady demeanor through many crises faced by our Federation.
    He will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  86. Jeff Taggart – Friend to all he met

    I was very surprised to hear my voice shouted out across Washington National Airport while waiting for my baggage as I prepared to go to my first AALU Convention. It was Jeff Taggart, who having met me just one time, called me by name to ask if I’d like to share a car ride with him to the convention hotel. That was one of the best rides of my life as he shared his insights into NAIFA and what was needed to turn membership around, AALU, and the legislative action that needed to be taken, and has he guided me on how to get the most out of this remarkable meeting. After that car ride, Jeff took an interest in my career and in giving me opportunities to participate in national events.

    I suspect that everyone who did get a chance to meet Jeff has similar experiences to share – somehow he made each of us feel we were one of his best friends – even though he had thousands. Jeff was gregarious, enthusiastic, and optimistic, yet always realistic. I later had the chance, at Jeff’s invitation, to be a platform speaker at the Wyoming NAIFA meeting in Cody, Wyoming, Jeff’s hometown. With great pride he took me to the Cody Art Museum, a truly world class museum in a very small town near the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. He loved his hometown, even though he left it frequently on behalf of NAIFA. That he could build such an outstanding career in such a small place is testament to his conviction of life insurance and the central role it plays in people’s lives.

    The premier industry event in Utah is the Grant Taggart Symposium, named in honor of Jeff’s Grandfather, who also served as the national president of NAIFA. It is an outstanding two-day seminar founded by industry legends Rulon Rasmussen and John Homer to feature motivational speakers and continuing education qualified workshops. I am going to propose that we rename it simply “The Taggart Symposium” to honor two great men, of different generations, who made a deep and abiding impact on our industry. The Taggart Symposium is held at Jeff’s alma matter, BYU. Perhaps that’s why in Utah we consider Jeff a native son, even though he is born and bred of Wyoming soil.

    I will miss Jeff Taggart greatly. On behalf of the Salt Lake City Association of NAIFA we extend our deepest condolences to the Taggart family.

    Jerry Borrowman
    President Salt Lake City NAIFA

  87. Our deepest sympathy to Jeff’s family…he was a great man; it was pure pleasure to work for and with him. He will be sorely missed by many in and out of the industry.