NAIFA contributes to my success every day

Lane Boozer NAIFANAIFA networking contributes to my success every day. Our long time producers continue with us not only because of the services we provide, but also because of our relationships developed through NAIFA. Some of the largest cases we’ve been involved with have come because of those relationships.

As an agent, NAIFA contributes to my success through professional development and, of course, advocacy. Many may not realize it, but we would all be out of business without the daily advocacy efforts of NAIFA and its members. There are NAIFA members in every congressional district in the United States. No other insurance industry organization has that type of strength in grassroots political influence.

Our agency continues to grow. We are an LLC, a member of an IMO and work with approximately 1,600 agents nationwide. As we continue to thrive, I am reminded constantly of the importance of NAIFA, especially as the voice of the agents and the clients we serve.

Lane Boozer, LUTCF
Don Boozer and Associates
Corinth, Texas
NAIFA Member Since 1998