Coast to Coast NAIFA Campaign in Full Swing: “It Pays to Be a Member”

NAIFA’s campaign, “It Pays to Be a Member,” launched at the beginning of March and is already attracting attention. The campaign was reported on by, the portal site for National Underwriter, Life Insurance Selling, Senior Market Advisor and other industry publications. The NAIFA Federation of State and Local Associations has also banded together to deliver a cohesive message to industry professionals about NAIFA’s proven value message: NAIFA members make more money, NAIFA helps you grow your business and NAIFA protects your business on Capitol Hill.

Listed below are just a few examples of state and local associations using the messaging campaign to show NAIFA’s united voice for insurance and financial advisors all over the country. (Updated August 3, 2012)

Tiffany McCabe: NAIFA Illinois




Greater New Orleans




Austin – Membership Recruitment Contest




St. Louis – on the Web and on LinkedIn





West Virginia

Print Ad Sample:

Web Banner Samples:

It Pays to Be a Member      It Pays to Be a Member


All of this artwork and more is available on the NAIFA site.


  1. NAIFA-St. Louis is doing lots of exciting things….To start off we are focuing on converting members to bank draft (the retention rate is the best). For every person that is on bank draft or converts to bankdradt receives a star bucks gift card. In addition if members convert to bank draft CE day April 26 or joins that day on bank draft their name is put in a drawing for a free large screen TV to be given away during the evening reception. Also we are doing a 50/50 raffle at each meeting and all day on CE day to benefit the PAC. We have the It pays to be a member logo on the website and we continue to communicate this value through Linkedin. We continue to hold montly valuable meetings for the membership and have received excellent feedback on the speakers. We distribute evaluation forms at each meeting asking for future topics of interest as well as what they thought of the speaker, location and food. We play the national anthem, and the membership video at each meeting. Stay tuned for more we are an association on move…our motto Re-discover your association… through YAT/YAHT, Linkedin, facebook and old fashioned meeting in person to make meaningful commections.

  2. NAIFA Greater New Orleans (GNO) has the “It Pays to be a Member” banner on our website and we have the tagline on our outgoing emails. Dianne Smith, Association Executive NAIFA Greater New Orleans

  3. NAIFA-Texas just transitioned its Facebook page to the new Timeline format. Check it out at All pages will be automatically transitioned March 31. If you are interested in using the same “NAIFA Members Make More Money” cover photo, you can download it from our page!