“NAIFA is the only group that represents everything we do – no one else can compete”

We are a multi-state BGA with four locations and four principals. I owned my own shop for 20 years prior to merging into a larger practice and it’s been very successful. As more and more costs are shifted from carriers to the producers, we have to adapt. When costs shift, I can’t raise prices to offset that. Costs have gone up in everything we deal with, so I need more volume. I don’t want to cut compensation to producers, I’d rather consolidate and share costs.

NAIFA is our professional association, just like the AMA is for doctors or the Bar is for attorneys. NAIFA is the only group that represents everything we do – no one else can compete. Others address only small portions of our business. The one common association for everyone and everything we do is NAIFA.

NAIFA is the voice in Washington that protects our business, products and clients. I have a lot of different responsibilities in my office, but that’s one part of my business I can’t do without NAIFA. I trust NAIFA to deal with Capitol Hill because they’ve earned that trust. And I’m here when they need me. If we need to light up a legislator’s phone lines about an issue, I will make that call. That’s NAIFA’s strength.

Ray D. Hunt, LUTCF, CLTC
Dixon Wells
Columbia, SC
NAIFA Member Since 1995