You Can Fascinate!

During a General Session at the 2012 NAIFA Career Conference and Annual Meeting on Sunday, September 9, NAIFA members learned how to fascinate their customers and co-workers by using their personality’s hardwired advantages from Sally Hogshead, motivational speaker and author of Fascinate.

When you fascinate your prospects and clients, she said, you become most worthy of their attention and they think only of you. You become more valuable, your clients and prospects become more loyal to you, and they are more likely to refer you to others. “When you are fascinating, you operate at peak performance,” she added.

She then shared with attendees seven primary triggers found in people, triggers that can be used to effectively fascinate people. These triggers are:

*Passion: You connect with emotion
*Mystique: You communicate selectively
*Prestige: You earn respect with higher standards
*Alarm: You prevent problems with care
*Rebellion: You change the game with creativity
*Trust: You build loyalty with consistency
*Power: You lead with command

These seven triggers can be broken down into 49 personality archetypes, including the drama, the beloved, the intrigue, the talent, the advocate, the orchestrator and the catalyst, she said.

Hogshead recently surveyed NAIFA members on their primary triggers and personality archetypes. The results can be found at: howto\discover.

Today, we live in a distracted world and our attention span is now only nine seconds long, she pointed out. So it is not enough to be the best if no one knows about your products and services. “Boring is the kiss of death,” she said. You have to make the most of those nine seconds and create a lasting connection with the people you meet. “The world needs you to stand out,” she said. “The world needs to learn from you.”