NAIFA’s Juli McNeely to LifePro advisors: ‘Tell our Story’

NAIFA Secretary Juli McNeely and LifePro President Bill Zimmerman teamed up Tuesday to brief LifePro advisors on how the challenges facing the industry relate to the value of joining NAIFA.

LifePro President Bill Zimmerman, president of NAIFA-San Diego, encourages advisors to join NAIFA.

In a session at the San Diego-based general agency’s conference of 250 advisors, McNeely updated LifePro advisors on NAIFA’s grassroots efforts to educate legislators about the importance of maintaining the current tax status of life insurance products. With 75 million American families counting on life insurers’ products for long-term savings, McNeely said NAIFA members are working hard to inform legislators about our products as discussions on Capitol Hill intensify around deficit reduction and tax reform.

When asked by one advisor what he could do to help, McNeely replied: “First, join NAIFA. Second, tell our story.”

Members of Congress “are real people who don’t have an understanding of what we do,” McNeely said. “As sales people we have the ability to tell our story and our clients’ story. It’s as simple as the sales process in our own jobs. Build a relationship with your legislator. Let them know you have access to their constituents.”

LifePro’s Zimmerman, a longtime NAIFA member and president of NAIFA-San Diego agreed, and indicated that any advisors who wish to join NAIFA has his full support.

The messages appeared to resonate with the group, as more than a dozen advisors completed and turned in applications to join NAIFA.