Life Lessons from a NAIFA Member

NAIFA member Greg Leonard, CLU, ChFC, is featured in an article published in the April issue of Broker World, about how life insurance has enabled him to navigate the many unexpected challenges he has faced throughout his life.

As the owner of the Greg Leonard Agency in Sioux Falls, S.D., Leonard has worked in the business for nearly 40 years. Life has not been easy, according to the article by freelance writer Nancy Christie. When he was just 16, Leonard lost his only sibling due to an asthma attack, and just a few years later he would lose both his parents.  It was then that Leonard became a true believer in the value of life insurance for himself and his clients.

As an adult, more challenges surfaced when Leonard’s wife died of cancer in her 50s, leaving behind their eight-year-old daughter.  Leonard tells Broker World: “We can’t control what life brings but, to a large extent, we can control how prepared we are to handle the outcome. … Life insurance is an essential part of preparing for those events that could otherwise be financially devastating.”