Building A Virtual Office

Steve Plewes, CLU, ChFC, did nto get into the financial services industry thinking he would have a virtual office. More than 30 years ago when he first started, the concept of going virtual was unheard of. But by thinking outside the box, he took the leap to create a more efficient, profitable and higher-touch practice after spending 33 years in a traditional office. During the general session on Sunday, Plewes explained why he went virtual and offered some advice for those thinking of doing the same.

Plewes’ first job as an agent was selling life insurance from door to door, he said. He did not need an office then–all he needed were people to see. Today, he said, the world has come a long way–everything can now be done virtually.

Apart from seeking efficiency and quality, one of the reasons he decided to go virtual was that 65 percent of his clients lived far away from him; consequently, he did most of his business online via the internet and with the help of various types of financial software. Today, his business does not have a brick and mortar building.

Plewes then offered these suggestions for going virtual:
*Just get started.
*Hire a “tech geek” to help grow your business via technology so you can focus on your clients and relationships.
*Remember that technolovgy is not inexpensive. In fact, technology can be expensive.
*Remember that you can’t hide behind it. Relationships are the most important component of building a successful business and quality comes from being in front of people.
*Use technology to be efficient.
*Make technology serve you and turn it off when you need to.
*Invest in yourslef.
*Have a vision and a plan.
*Have fun.