NAIFA President-Elect tells NAILBA: Advisors must ’embrace change’

NAIFA President-Elect Juli McNeely attended this year’s NAILBA Conference in Dallas. In this video, McNeely talks about the challenges facing the industry, from legislative and regulatory threats to our products, to the need for advisors to embrace change and become more engaged in technology and in social media.

“Consumers are changing and the industry is changing. As advisors we need to stay ahead of it,” McNeely said, adding that it’s in everyone’s best interest for advisors “to innovate and make changes to their own practices.”

Social media also is here to stay, she said. “Some companies are making it easier for advisors to use social media and still be compliant so that’s something we have to embrace.”

Legislative and regulatory issues continue to threaten the industry, McNeely said. “We will have tax issues to fight. Washington is looking for tax dollars and we’ll need to defend our products,” she said.