Weiss Receives LUTCF Course One Scholarship

Dycelia Weiss is the recipient of the LUTCF Course One Scholarship, funded by the College for Financial Planning.Weiss

The scholarship will pay the tuition for Weiss’ enrollment during the first course of the LUTCF Program. Weiss will have 90 days to enroll in the course and one year to complete the course from the date of enrollment. The scholarship does not cover additional fees that will be incurred throughout the course.

“I am excited and pleased to be a recipient of this award,” Weiss said. “This has given me a great start in continuing my education and profession, and I want to thank NAIFA for giving me this great opportunity.”

The LUTCF designation was designed by NAIFA and CFFP to help agents and advisors offer comprehensive financial advice to their clients. The program combines online and classroom learning with field training to offer insurance agents and financial advisors the knowledge and skills they need to advise their clients about the real-life issues of today.

For more information, visit www.naifa.org.