NAIFA Survey Seeks Member Input on Professional Development Needs

It’s hardly breaking news that the U.S. is experiencing a major demographic shift, with the retirement of baby boomers, the current make-up of the modern family and increased diversity in today’s households, just to name a few. These changes have a profound impact on how NAIFA members manage their practices in 2020 and beyond. NAIFA is committed to helping members succeed by arming them with professional resources that will help them capitalize on these changing market forces for decades to come.

That’s why NAIFA has contracted with a consulting firm, Association Laboratory, Inc., to conduct a market analysis of our members so we can deliver cutting-edge products that will advance members’ businesses and meet clients’ needs.

Please be on the lookout for a survey that was distributed to members this week via email. Among the topics the survey covers:

  • Your professional development goals and desired outcomes.
  • The relationship of your goals and outcomes to NAIFA’s educational and training content.
  • Your preferences on how the content is designed and delivered to you.

This is not the first time NAIFA has sought member input on professional development goals and outcomes. When redesigning the new LUTCF curriculum, we conducted a job analysis survey among thousands of NAIFA members who hold the LUTCF designation so NAIFA could assess the responsibilities, knowledge and skills required to perform the jobs held by LUTCF designees. The result is a new LUTCF curriculum that was launched this summer which aligns closely with members’ needs. Early feedback from students has provided NAIFA with astounding examples of sales made during the first few weeks of taking the course. That is member value at its best!

NAIFA knows your time is valuable, and we appreciate our members’ input to this survey so practice resources remain relevant to business needs. I hope you will join us as we explore ways to work together, enhance the NAIFA experience, and ensure our industry continues to work for the financial futures of American families and businesses.