NAIFA 2015 Workshop – We’re All Selling Something… But How Do You Get Them to Buy?

Ryan Lowe, author of Get Off Your Attitude, asked NAIFA 2015 attendees “How do we get them to buy what we’re selling?” and explained the habits shared by the most successful salespeople.

People buy from people they like and people they perceive as experts, Lowe said. People who know how to communicate and get along with people are often the most successful salespeople.

Positive attitude is the leading attribute linked to our success, he said. It sets the tone for how we response to adversity. A positive attitude will get you through a month with no sales or adversity in the office. It is number one on Lowe’s list of the top ten positive attributes of top producers.

#1 Positive Attitude
People, including clients, want to keep their distance from negative people and associate with positive people.

#2 Goal setting
Our goals are what make us. Clearly defining goals allows us to share our vision for success with colleagues, employees, and clients. Three percent of Americans consistently write down and review their goals. Perhaps not coincidentally, Lowe said, three percent of Americans make six-figure salaries.

#3 Time Management
Procrastination is very common. Ten minutes of planning each day will save two hours of time the next day. The best time managers know how to delegate tasks, schedule appointments with themselves for important tasks, and eliminate tasks that don’t help them reach their goals.

#4 Prospecting
If you are not asking for referrals you are leaving money on the table, Lowe said. The time to get a referral is when a client has had a great experience. The most successful salespeople make asking for referrals part of the close. The best clients provide the best referrals.

#5 Credibility
Know your clients (memorize their names, to start) and make sure that you are an expert in your industry. An expert knows his products inside and out, which lends to credibility.

#6 Identify Needs
Top sales professionals ask open-ended questions so that clients will do most of the talking and they have a true understanding of the clients’ needs.

#7 Presentation Skills
Once they have an understanding of clients’ needs, successful sales professionals have good stories they use to illustrate how products fulfill those client needs.

#8 Closing
Kids are the best salespeople in the world because they have no fear and will ask for something until they get it, Lowe says. But sales professionals, if they are in tune with the client’s needs, will be able to offer specific products and solutions. An important next step that many salespeople neglect is to then tell the client what the next step will be once they decide to buy, which removes some of the client’s uncertainty and fear.

#9 Objections
Client objections provide opportunities that the best sales professionals use to improve their understanding of their clients and develop solutions for their problems.

#10 Self Education
The best sales professionals learn from their mistakes and their success. They are always looking for ways to improve themselves. Take the time to read books and to invest in yourself, Lowe says. Listen to educational podcasts to keep you focused and confident and improve your attitude. Attend seminars, both in your profession and on other self-improvement and motivational subjects.