NAIFA Immediate Past President John Nichols Remarks

NAIFA Immediate Past President John Nichols focused on the theme of engagement in remarks from the Main Stage at the NAIFA Career Conference and Annual Meeting Sunday.

“My favorite part of serving our federation has been being with other NAIFA members,” he said.

Nichols thanked by name many of his NAIFA-Illinois friends and colleagues for all that they have done to help make his NAIFA experience meaningful and rewarding. He then explained what he refers to as the “Power of me.” Membership Engagement, he said, is a key to NAIFA’s future success.

Nichols said he had witnessed examples of positive membership engagement on his visits to NAIFA local associations. On one such recent visit, he worked with NAIFA volunteer leaders calling on agents, engaging them about NAIFA membership. He participated in agency presentations with the local leaders that directly led to a number of engaged agents becoming new NAIFA members.

Membership engagement is a vital part of the role of a NAIFA leader.

“Great leadership is about advancing your team and advancing NAIFA’s mission,” he said.