NAIFA Conference Workshop: Medicare Today and Tomorrow

Rand Kemnitz, subject matter expert at Kaplan University, told attendees of his workshop at NAIFA’s Career Conference that there is “a collision between Medicare and Obamacare.” However, he explained, some of the original dire predictions have proven unfounded.

Some leading fears people had about the ACA’s impact on Medicare include:

  1. Medicare is ending
  2. Medicare beneficiaries must buy more coverage
  3. Medicare beneficiaries will pay more for prescription drugs
  4. Medicare premiums are rising
  5. Medicare beneficiaries will have to change physicians

Kemnitz says numbers 1,2 and 5 are false. Medicare is not ending, beneficiaries will not be required to buy more coverage and beneficiaries will not have to change physicians.

Number 3, may be true for some beneficiaries, he said, and Medicare premiums are rising for some beneficiaries.