Success and NAIFA Membership Go Hand in Hand

InsuranceNewsNet magazine recently polled its readers and found a strong correlation between career success and NAIFA membership. In particular, the magazine looked at characteristics that set apart advisors who are high earners (those earning more than $100,000 per year) from their colleagues earning less.

To quote INN:

“Another wide difference between the two earning groups was membership in professional organizations – one association in particular.

“Substantially more of the high earners – 37 percent – belonged to the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), compared with 19 percent of the lower earners.”

These results confirm several previous studies that have shown NAIFA members tend to earn more than their non-member colleagues.

How does NAIFA membership factor into that success? NAIFA President Jules Gaudreau told Advisor Today how NAIFA has helped propel him to great professional heights.

“Nothing has had a more profound impact on my life and business than my membership in NAIFA,” he said. “My success as a producer, agency builder, leader and mentor is a product of the people, ideas and techniques that have been a part of my NAIFA experience.”

Susan Combs, PPACA, one of Advisor Today’s “Four Under 40” Winners, says NAIFA’s professional development offerings to young advisors make an impact. “It’s great to see all the different educational platforms [young advisors] utilize, such as webinars, and engaging young people at the conferences by designing an app and using more fun peer-to-peer engagement tools.”

NAIFA offers practice development resources, career education products and networking opportunities that serve the needs of all members, no matter what products you sell or what advisory services form the focus of your practice. And we are constantly looking to bolster our membership benefits. For example:

  • NAIFA launched a comprehensive research study to look at the training and professional development needs of the advisor community and determine which training programs NAIFA is best positioned to deliver.
  • We’re working with subject matter experts to develop an advisor “Skill Builder” series in response to this unmet need. We will provide training on time-sensitive topics to help members be better prepared as society and the regulatory landscape changes.
  • We’re developing a comprehensive career map program, where advisors can see the core competencies needed to be successful on their career path, and where to go to gain those skills.
  • We are exploring new credential and designation programs for advisors who master the fundamentals needed to provide their clients with the necessary guidance to help them plan their financial futures.

NAIFA membership is an investment in yourself, your practice and your career. It puts you in elite company. We are proud of our members’ success and are always committed to developing new benefits designed to help you reach the peak of your profession.