Invest in You. Because we do.

InvestinYou16postcardRenewver4_combinedBy Kevin Mayeux, CAE, NAIFA CEO

Your NAIFA membership is an investment that pays off by helping you succeed in a challenging and often rewarding career.  Numerous studies show that NAIFA members earn more than their non-member colleagues. Membership also shows a dedication to your career and your industry. But the benefits of NAIFA membership run far deeper.

Where does your NAIFA return on investment come from?

  • NAIFA is a brand that your clients can trust. NAIFA’s consumer marketing campaign, including advertisements, member resources and a Web presence, provides resources and information for consumers seek financial advice to help connect them with NAIFA members.
  • NAIFA resources will help you grow your business. NAIFA offers more than 50 professional programs and products to enhance skills and provide value-added business services. NAIFA’s educational offerings are unsurpassed, and NAIFA’s Practice Resources offer everything an agent or advisor needs to run a business and manage a career.
  • NAIFA provides access to the best minds in the industry. NAIFA’s Performance + Purpose conference, Webinar series and Advisor Today provide access to experts who have risen to the top of their profession. NAIFA also provides myriad networking opportunities.
  • NAIFA’s advocacy efforts protect your business and clients from harmful regulations and legislation. The Department of Labor’s new fiduciary rule is a prime example. While the rule remains far from perfect, NAIFA advocacy was able to remove or blunt the effect of many harmful provisions in earlier drafts of the rule.

NAIFA will make a strong push to share our ROI with current members and prospects on June 1, our NAIFA Membership Day. Membership day is intended to recognize the value NAIFA brings to its members and the industry. It is a day for members at all levels of our federation to reach non-members and recruit them to join NAIFA.

NAIFA is hard at work every day on behalf of our members. I am dedicated to providing you with the greatest possible value for your membership. That’s why your investment in NAIFA is really an investment in yourself.