Steps for Taking Your Practice to the Next Level of Success

How to Jumpstart Your Career

web_0003_finleyDuring the NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference currently under way in Las Vegas, attendees learned the top steps they can take to boost and jumpstart their careers. They learned these important stepsĀ from Dan Finley, president and co-founder of Advisor Solutions, a financial advisors business consulting and coaching service dedicated to helping advisors build a better business.

According to Finley, advisors who seek to take their practices to the next level of success should focus their timeĀ and attention on mastering the following activities:

  • Define their business purpose.
  • Know their goals.
  • Schedule time on their calendars to take action to achieve success.
  • Create a game out of it.
  • Anchor their goals.
  • Learn how to prospect like a professional.
  • Learn how to market their unique qualities.
  • Sharpen their sales skills.
  • Make sure they know how to master the close
  • Track their successes. This is what will make them truly accountable.