Selling life insurance is ‘a magnificent obsession’

web_0000_brennanTo D. Scott Brennan, selling life insurance is more than a calling. “It’s a magnificent obsession.”

Upon acceptance of the 75th annual John Newton Russell Memorial Award at NAIFA’s Performance + Purpose Conference in Las Vegas, Brennan described himself as “a very ordinary man who worked in an extraordinary profession.”

“I took a vow of poverty my first few years in the life insurance businesses. I didn’t qualify for the Round Table; I don’t think I would have qualified for an end table,” said Brennan, a career MassMutual agent in South Bend, Ind. “There may be someone here this morning thinking about leaving the profession that shouldn’t. If that is so, I dedicate this talk to you. If I can do it, you can do it.”

Brennan described the act of buying life as one that is not a commercial transaction, but rather, “an exchange of emotion.” And to those agents who endure days of landing no sales in the business, Brennan says, “Forgive yourself. Learn how to accept the tough days and celebrate the great days.”

And, join NAIFA.

“The Million Dollar Roundtable came from NAIFA. AALU came from NAIFA. Other sister associations were formed at NAIFA annual meetings,” Brennan said.

“NAIFA isn’t good because we are old. NAIFA is old, because we are good.”